Is Kombucha Tea Beneficial for Weight Loss

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: May 31, 2018
Is Kombucha Tea Beneficial for Weight Loss

Kombucha tea is a fermented black tea, having mushroom-like, thick culture of bacteria and yeast. With origins in China, this drink has been consumed for centuries, but its health benefits have recently been identified. Once fermented, this fermented beverage becomes carbonated, and becomes rich in enzymes, b-vitamins, acetic, lactic and gluconic acids and probiotics. All these nutrients combine together to give a wide range of health benefits to the consumer, including weight loss. Here at, we are going to discuss if kombucha tea is beneficial for weight loss.

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How Kombucha Tea helps in weight loss

It is proved that most people gain weight due to their body’s inability to process and digest foods properly. Among the many benefits of Kombucha tea, it is believed to improve the health of your digestive system, so that your body does not hold onto those extra pounds. Kombucha tea also gives you energy, due to which you remain more active during the day, and burn more calories.

Tips to let Kombucha tea aid your weight loss

  • One of the best tips is to drink your Kombucha tea around 30 minutes prior to taking your mail meals. When you do this, you feel fuller, and end up eating less, due to which your overall calorie intake is reduced significantly.
  • Drinking Kombucha tea first thing in the morning stimulates metabolism, and resets your digestive tract for the rest of the day. When you drink this beverage on an empty stomach, it gets included into your system much more quickly and easily, and provides the expected benefits efficiently.
  • Kombucha tea has a tarty taste that satisfies the taste buds similarly as coffee and alcohol. So, if you want a healthier alternative to these drinks, switch to Kombucha tea and consume fewer calories. Kombucha tea also contains 0.5% of alcohol, which may increase if it is allowed to ferment for longer.
  • Another good tip is to drink your Kombucha tea in small amounts all through the day. So, instead of taking a 16 ounces bottle of the drink in one go, take 4 ounces before every meal.
Is Kombucha Tea Beneficial for Weight Loss - Tips to let Kombucha tea aid your weight loss

So, is Kombucha tea beneficial for weight loss?

Probably yes, probiotics can be beneficial for weight loss, as far as you drink your Kombucha tea at the right times of the day and combine it with exercise and a healthy diet. In addition to improving digestion and increasing energy, this fantastic drink is also helpful in supporting your immune system, reducing joint pain, preventing cancer, and cleansing and detoxifying your system.

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Is Kombucha Tea Beneficial for Weight Loss
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Is Kombucha Tea Beneficial for Weight Loss

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