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How to Remove Food Stuck in the Throat

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How to Remove Food Stuck in the Throat

By eating certain foods, it is possible that some parts can slide down the throat before you finish chewing. This is more likely to occur with hard or crunchy foods, such as a crisps or a piece of hard candy. There are easy ways to get remove the blockage from the throat to avoid infection.

If your throat is blocked in a way that is affecting your breathing, you should try the Heimlich manoeuvre or go to the emergency immediately. The tips given below to remove food stuck in the throat are basic and for minor obstructions, and are only useful if the blockage is only causing you discomfort.

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Though there are many reasons why you may get food stuck in your throat, you should know that most foods dissolve over time, so if the piece is not causing too much trouble, let it dissolve naturally with the saliva in the throat. If this fails, try drinking a little water. Water helps the process. You can also drink a cup of hot water or hot tea to help dissolve the piece of food. Make sure the water is warm, but not too hot because it can burn your throat.

Lie down flat on the floor and sip on water twice or three times as this may help if the food does not disappear while standing up.


If the food is stuck, you may have to gargle with warm salt water. Be careful if you have a full stomach though, as gargling may cause vomiting. This happens because gargling induces reflux of liquid from the throat, therefore provoking vomiting.


Another method to remove food caught in the throat is to try to eat something soft. The most common to eat in these cases is a piece of bread. Chew this piece so it's well moistened with saliva and then swallow quickly. In all likelihood, this will move the piece in the throat and force it down. If the piece is stuck hard in the throat, you may have to spit out what you've eaten to push it out.

Swallowing a spoonful of honey may also help if the piece of food is quite small. The texture of this product will help it slide down.


Another trick you can try is to cough it out with a controlled, vocal cough. This will constrict the throat and then expel any particles that are stuck. However, be careful when you're taking a breath after coughing, as you could inhale the piece of food and this could cause you to choke.


Didn't these tricks work? Then maybe you don't have something stuck in your throat but rather you feel as if you do. Take a look at our article on why you feel like you have food stuck in your throat to learn about the possible reasons.


This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO doe not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis.We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.


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  • However, if what you eat passes easily, but you still feel like there is something stuck in the throat, you may have passed the piece and the feeling you are experiencing is just the scratch caused by the piece that was stuck. In this case, wait until your stomach is empty and gargle with warm salt water. This will ensure that no bacteria forms around the throat that may cause the onset of cough or flu-like symptoms.
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What did you think of this article?
This helped alot. I was going through sooooooo much pain. I'm only 11 too
I was eating toxic waste and I did u directions,thx!
I've been suffering with food getting stuck about 5 years now. When mine sticks I can't swallow anything not even a sip of water I just keep chocking. I have tried inducing vomit, forcing drink which then goes in my nose, I learned one day if cake frosting is around sometimes it will go down with that. Most recently I was desperate it was a severe storm out and I was all alone. I opened the pantry and was looking for a thick consistency other than oil . I saw a small can of sweetened condensed milk. I took a teaspoon and it worked. I've used it three times now. Give it a try.
OneHowTo Editor
Thanks for the advice!
Seth Ondera
I was chocking on a tortilla chip. I was able to breathe but felt an excruciating stabbing pain. What I did and it helped. Lay down flat and swallow water about 2 or 3 times or until the pain has stopped
OneHowTo Editor
Thanks for your comment Seth, it will surely be useful for our users!
My 20-year-old son has a gummy bear stuck on the side of his throat we've tried water eating food eating bread warm water him hanging upside down him coughing anybody have any suggestions on how to get this out of his throat so he can go to sleep without suffocating
I just went through a horrible 8 hrs today with a piece of chicken stuck in my throat. I tried everything...DIET COKE saved me an ER visit. One little sip...felt like it was going to come up...a bigger gulp and down went the chicken. The foam or something Holy crap I can swallow! I have reflux and have had this problem for over ten years. It's scary and it total sucks - try being in a meeting and having to excuse yourself to go spit out your saliva because you can't swallow it. Hopefully there will be a solution beside an anti-acid every day. I've heard there is a procedure you can have to stretch you throat but even with insurance who wants to deal with the hospital??? Try it!
I have been suffering from swallowing problems for almost 2 months now and as a result been living on liquids. I was told by a number of doctors that I was fine I should just eat until this week a renowned ENT told me there was a problem with my Larynx and I need a neurological evaluation. he advised me to eat liquids and purees with my chin tucked into my chest. I been doing it for a few days and feel like it is making it more difficult to go down. Long story short, I just ate some apple sauce and some of it went down the right side of my windpipe. It made me cough and try to clear my voice. It freaked me out cause I am home alone. It has been a few hours now and it feels a bit irritated on my right side of my throat. MY question is do I just let it be, go to the ER, try to go to sleep? Any help
OneHowTo Editor
Wait for 24h and go to the ER if the pain hasn't stopped or go directly if you feel it is worstening. Hope this helps
After 10 hours of a piece of pear stuck in the back of my throat, I tried water/bread & ice cream just for fun.
Cough cough cough... I thought... Gravity! so I got on the bed, propped my but up a bit and it worked, within minutes the offending piece of pear (fruit is so innocent yea?) was coughed out!!
went to E.R. and had an endoscopy. While a severe response - I was scared if I tried to dislodge it - it would end up in a wind pipe and cause me to suffocate. Over - thank God.
It is 12:00 at night I'm freaking out I hate the feeling of stuff in troght.
Vincent Pelatari
Bit off more than I could chew, chicken, it went down wrong tube, part came back up, now I feel something stuck in throat right around adam apple or below.I can breath but its causing sore throat,headache and my ears are hurting...WHAT SCAN i POSSISBLE DO TO GET THIS BLOCKAGE OUT, OTHER THAN CUT MY DAMN THROAT OPEN.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Vincent,
If none of the remedies listed above have worked, it would be advisable to visit a doctor.

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How to Remove Food Stuck in the Throat
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How to Remove Food Stuck in the Throat