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Is a body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 normal

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 26, 2017
Is a body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 normal

Body temperature isn't something you usually think about until something goes wrong. Our body is constantly working to either heat or cool our body, depending on the ambient temperature, to regulate it to the right temperature. The reason body temperature must be so regulated is because certain bodily functions work best at those temperatures. Body temperature varies depending on the person, their level of activity, their time of the month, and the body part from which the temperature is taken. In this article we want to explain if a body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 degrees C is normal or not.

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  1. Adult body temperature
  2. Body temperature in children
  3. Axillary temperature
  4. Oral temperature
  5. Rectal temperature
  6. Influences on body temperature

Adult body temperature

A body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 is very close to the acceptable temperature averages and should not constitute any health risk. Normal adult human body temperature varies between 36.5-37.5 or more. As a general rule:

  • Hypothermia is when body temperature is below 36°C (95°F). Since individual body temperatures vary, for some people hypothermia is lower.
  • Feverishness is when body temperature is between 37.1°C and 37.9°C (98.7 and 100.22°F).
  • Hyperthermia or fever is when body temperature is the same or greater than 38°C (100.4°F).

Body temperature in children

A Body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 in children is a bit low and you should take measures to increase body temperature. Remove wet clothes, cover them in warm blankets and give them warm fluids to drink. Children should have a minimum temperature of 36 degrees.

Is a body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 normal - Body temperature in children

Axillary temperature

An axillary temperature of 35.7, 35.8 or 35.9 is close to the optimum temperature, we recommend that you review the placement and take any precautions to avoid the risk of hypothermia.There are children who have axillary temperatures under 36 degrees Celsius to which they can be assumed as normal this type of situation is known as physiological hypothermia.

Is a body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 normal - Axillary temperature

Oral temperature

An oral temperature of 35.7, 35.8 to 35.9 is close to the optimum temperature, we recommend that you review the placement and take any precautions to avoid the risk of hypothermia.The oral temperature measurement is recommended in all patients except in those who are unconscious, suffering mental confusion, seizures, nose, mouth or throat infections and children under 6 years of age.

Is a body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 normal - Oral temperature

Rectal temperature

A Rectal temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 is a bit low and you should take precautions or go to your GP.The result tends to be 0.5 to 0.7 ° C higher than oral temperature, meaning that your oral temperature is probably 35.2, 35.3 or 35.4. Rectal temperature is recommended for children younger than 6 years.

Influences on body temperature

Several factors affect body temperature that can change temperature by some tenths of a degree but 35 degrees is quite alarming. The constitution of the individual, especially the degree of obesity, age (elderly and infants are particularly more prone, especially those living in poor, cold conditions), malnourishment. Other external factors that may make someone cold are alcohol or drug impairment, those working in extreme cold conditions for long periods of time. If you have a low body temperature due to one or more of these factors, you should take the necessary precautions to warm up the body.

Find out if a body temperature of 35.4, 35.6 or 35.7 is normal or not.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • Axillary temperature should be taken with thermometer in that region for approximately four (4) minutes.
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My temperature is from. 34.1 to 35.9 is it normal or high I haven’t got a fever but always cold and shivering
Teresa Meakins
My temp has fluctuated between 34.8 to 36 but I do have a thyroid problem. I am not shivering but do feel the cold a lot more than hubby does.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Teresa,

As the article states, we cannot diagnose any medical problems. You will have to do this with a qualified medical professional.
My usual temp is around 35.5 to 35.8 depending on time of day. It is currently 37.8 (I have taken paracetamol 1hr ago). I have had surgery 4 weeks ago and am in pain. Could I possibly have a fever?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Katye,

37.8 is a little high, but 35.5 is quite low. In fact, it is nearing hypothermic levels. Are you sure you are achieving accurate readings? If so, you may need to speak to your aftercare doctor.
j draper
is 35.8 temperature ok.
Cristina B. Jupiter
I feel cold dizzy weak, and i check my body temperature 35.8. ..what is wrong with me? Pls help me to figured it out. Thank you
Christopher Hogan
I have not been given a satisfactory answer Is 35.8 temperature a problem? If so what will improve it to bring it to the acceptable normal i.e. 36
Pat Bisci
I am 80 years old and have a temp reading of 35.7 I also feel a little wobly
OneHowTo Editor
We'd advise you to visit a doctor when possible, though this temperature is not alarming.
Mrs Marion Cannon
I recently came home from hospital and havent really felt great since then my temp is 35.7 and Im a bit worried
OneHowTo Editor
Make sure it doesn't go any lower than this, but it can be normal for your temperature to vary slightly.
Follow your doctor's recommendations for recovery and attend all scheduled check-ups to make sure you are recovering properly.
Hope this helps
ive been operated for uterus remove 3 days ago now and my temperature under my tongue is 35.8 i dont fill good ..i feel i will paass out
OneHowTo Editor
You should visit your doctor immediately. People who have been operated on can get a low temperature so please seek medical help.
yassin samman
My 7 year old daughter took 12cms of tylenol by mistake her temperature dropped to 5.9 what should i do,please advise
OneHowTo Editor
On what scale is this temperature? 5.9 is extremely low whether it's Celsius or Fahrenheit, so you should take her to hospital immediately.
Clearly, writing on a post and waiting for a response is not the best thing to do. Hope you went to the hospital and your daughter is okay.
it must be 35,9 because no thermomether goes 5,9
naim riaz
my teperature is 35.6 degrees centigrade?is this normal as i feel weak?
OneHowTo Editor
It is not a temperature to worry about excessively. Make sure you strengthen your immune system by adding the ingredients from the following article into your diet:
If the temperature and weakness feeling keeps on for the next week, visit your doctor and ask for a blood test.
Hope this helps
Joan Staines
My normal temperature is 36.5 .this morning it is 35.7 .i took it because I'm am unusually hot .
I have been given a two day course of diclofenic because of inflammation in a joint .would these be the cause ?
OneHowTo Editor
Unless it is under 35.5, there is no need to worry about it. Your body may fluctuate in temperature from time to time.
Hope this helps
Is35.7c normal for a 62years old female having oral chemo.
OneHowTo Editor
Yes it is normal, there's no need to worry.

Hope this helps
My body temperature has always been between 35.5 and 35.9 12 months ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and now my temperature is 36.5 and 37.5 I feel like I have a fever permanently Is this normal?
OneHowTo Editor
You may want to consult with you doctor why this happens. Some people have a lower basal temperature, so if you feel feverish at 36.5, you should consult a specialist.
Audrey Beaumont
Feedback: You state the near normality of a body temperature between 35.8 and 39.9, but do not provide sufficent information on the reasons why an individual 's temperature is lower than the norm. Information is too superficial.
Alba Charles (oneHOWTO editor)
We'll take it into account. Thanks!
35.5 and i fell normal , thats my usual temperaure. I checked again becaus i was curious and it was 35.1 i felt like i was on fire but i usualy feel very warm all the time like that. Then in 15 min i mesured again and it 34.9 and i felt okay. I feel okay with my body temperature and i dont feel shivers or anything like that, hmm am i suposed to feel cold shivers at that body temperature ?Also what happens when nothing is done about it what can it cause ?
OneHowTo Editor
There can be exceptions in people who normally have a temperature of 35.7 / 35.8 degrees Celsius though it's not common. To be totally safe, check with your GP to know if this is your case, as there should be nothing to fear if he/she confirms it's your usual average temperature.
Thank you.
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Is a body temperature of 35.7 - 35.8 to 35.9 normal