Is it normal to have a body temperature of 34.8 - 35ºC?

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Is it normal to have a body temperature of 34.8 - 35ºC?

Normal body temperature is said to be exactly 37ºC. Although it is true that normal body temperature is highly controlled, it can also vary by a couple of degrees, depending on the individual, the time of day, the conditions that they are in, etc. Body temperature also varies depending on the way you take the measurement (axillary, oral or rectal). The same body temperature can be completely normal for one person and can be quite dangerous for another. In this article we explain if having a body temperature of 34.8 - 35 degrees Celsius is normal or not.

Body temperature in adults

Having a body temperature of 34.8 - 35ºC is low and not considered normal. If you have this temperature, you are likely suffering from hypothermia and you should quickly see your doctor or follow the necessary recommendations to raise your body temperature.

Normal human body temperature in adults varies between 36.5 - 37.5ºC or slightly higher. General rules:

  • Hypothermia, when your temperature is 35.9ºC or lower.
  • Feverishness, when your temperature is between 37.8 - 37.9ºC.
  • Hyperthermia or fever, when your temperature is 38ºC or higher.

Body temperature in children

A body temperature of 34.8 - 35ºC in children can also be very dangerous and you should take them quickly to see their doctor or follow the necessary recommendations to raise their body temperature. Children should have a minimum temperature of 36 degrees. In the case of babies, you can learn how to take a baby's temperature here.

Axillary temperature

Axillary temperature, or temperature taken under the armpit, is usually 0,5 degrees lower than oral temperature. An axillary temperature (taken under the armpit) of 34.8 -35ºC normally indicates an oral temperature of about 35-35.5ºC, which is still worrying and you should seek medical attention or take measures to warm up the body. In few cases, some children can have an axillary temperature of under 36 degrees Celsius which can be classed as normal for them and is referred to as 'physiological hypothermia'.

Oral temperature

An oral temperature of 34.8 -35ºC is extremely worrying and you should seek urgent medical attention or follow the necessary recommendations to raise their body temperature. Measuring oral temperature is recommended for all patients except in those who are unconscious, suffering mental confusion, seizures, have any conditions affecting the nose, mouth or throat, and children under 6 years old.

Rectal temperature

A rectal temperature of 34.8 - 35ºC is extremely worrying and you should seek urgent medical or follow the necessary recommendations to raise their body temperature. This reading tends to be 0.5 - 0.7°C higher than an oral reading. Measuring rectal temperature is recommended for children under 6 years old.

Influences on body temperature

There are several factors that affect body temperature making it higher or lower in terms of tenths of a degree but a body temperature lower than 35 degrees is quite alarming. These can be your body shape, especially if you are overweight, age, affecting the elderly and those who are confined to bed rest due to illness. Infants are also prone to hypothermia, as are people with impared decision making skills due to mental illness or alcohol intoxication. Diabetes is another condition that can cause hypothermia.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • Axillary temperature should be taken by holding a thermometer in the armpit for a period of approximately 4 (four) minutes.

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Evelyn King
my temp is 34.7 I am feeling weak and headaches back pain also
derek mobley
I have a oral body temperature of 34.9 is this a worry.taken first thing in the morning
OneHowTo Editor
If your body temperature is low and you are sure you have taken an accurate reading, you may need to speak to a doctor.
Is it normal to have a body temperature raging 32-35 degrees Celsius aging 27?
sheila brogan
my temperature is 34.9 is this ok my age 77
Rhonda byatt
My 17 year old daughter has a oral temp of 35 c.
She is itchy confused sickness numbing of the feet bad cramps in calf’s and hands
Hi my daughter has tonsils and her temperature was above 38C and he gave her an injection,now what I'm worried about is that her temperature just went down to 35C and not above 36C.Should I be worried or its normal. Please help
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Sisca,

As the article states, we are not able to give out medical diagnoses in these comments. All we can do is provide information on the subject. Only a qualified medical professional can give an appropriate diagnosis. We can say that when the body temperature goes below 35 ºC, this is when hypothermia can set in. However, there could be mitigating circumstances due to the tonsils or perhaps the reading wasn't quite accurate. Again, only a doctor will be able to assess her medical state properly. If you want some more info on hypothermia, you can take a look at this article here:
Thank you for replying, today I've noticed some slight change in temperature. It went up to 36.2C, so hopefully God answered my prayers. I also have hope things will get better soon
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Sisca,

We're very glad to hear it, we wish her a speedy recovery!
Charlene LeBlanc
Is 34.8 C in an adult woman normal
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Charlene,

34.8 ºC in an adult woman is lower than normal and may even indicate a serious problem. A person with this temperature most likely needs to see a doctor.
Molly Wickham
My temp has dropped to 32.3 in the cold weather, although I'm always well wrapped up. I keep the thermometer in my mouth for 3 mins. Went to see the doc years ago and because temp had risen when waiting in the surgery, which of course was warm, was told there was nothing to worry about I'm 80 years old and eat well and have nutricious food. Lucy to have a warm home, so what more can I do.
faith o lovett
My temp is usually around 36.8 and I feel fine. I don't even wear socks in the winter. I do have stage 5 kidney failure so that may play a large part in low temp, an I have thyroid disease for which I take Levothyroxin. Spend a lot of time in bed. napping during the day and am not very active. All of these factors can contribute to low body temp. I very seldom have to put a sweater on at home as I don't feel cold.
sarah cowley
i took my temp at 6.18 this am and it was 34.7 i have multiple medical problems like mitochondrial myopathy there are only 2 of us in the whole of the uk with this variation of it im 1 and my niece is the other its extremely rare and we were born with it , cellulitis in both feet and legs and 3rd lot of oral antibiotics not working they are just getting bigger and soarer im 43 yrs old do i need to seek medical attention ??
Mike Goodwin
Does this sound ok for my age?My temperature is usually around 37C but for the last few days it has hovered around 34.8 - 35.4, blood pressure today is 98/62 and pulse is 72. I am 78 years young.
My temp is always 34-35. When i have a fever, temp is around 36-37. what's wrong?
Jane Bertin (oneHOWTO editor)
It seems that you are on the lower end of the average normal temperature range. If you can recognize when you have a fever, it doesn't sound worrying.
Hi, I am 11 and each time I feel that I have fever, my body temperature is very low like 34 degrees Celsius. What should I do??.
OneHowTo Editor
You should visit your doctor so he/she can detect the underlying condition.
Hope this helps
irene doyle
my temp is 34.4 but i feel okay - in fact sweaty at times - i am on Natural thyroid medication (Thiroyd) could this make a difference
My mums temperature is 34.8 but she fills hot and sweaty what should we do
OneHowTo Editor
Go to the doctor immediately
Donna Ritchie
Hiya what happened with your mum. Is she ok.

I'm suffering the same problems but I have grumbling appendicitis xx
My temperature is always between 34-35 I've spoken to my doctor several times and they've said nothing to worry about are they wrong
Thembelani Ncube
Hi, my daughter is 5 months old and her body weight is 7,9kgs her temperature is 35,02 .
Alba Charles (oneHOWTO editor)
Hi Thembelani, as it's written in the article, minimum temperature should be 36 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, check with your doctor as soon as possible.
I'm 28 an my temp is 34.6 is that OK or shall I be worrying
Michael Riley (oneHOWTO editor)
Hi Sarah, a body temperature of 34.8 is too low and you should seek medical advice if you are unsure. Thanks.
Angela Potaga
Folowing influencha of 3 days my body temperature is 35.5C what can I do?
Janine bowie
It's nice to know,then not know, thanks, J9
Is it normal to have a body temperature of 34.8 - 35ºC?
Is it normal to have a body temperature of 34.8 - 35ºC?

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