What Is The Best Tea To Lose Belly Fat

By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 27, 2017
What Is The Best Tea To Lose Belly Fat

The belly is one of the areas of the body that swells most when we eat more than necessary and do not burn fat by exercising. Both men and women suffer from the swelling that can be disturbing, uncomfortable and unsightly. In addition to start leading a healthy life by following a balanced diet and exercising there are teas which can help to shrink the stomach and make it look flatter and smoother.

In OneHowTo we detail the best tea to lose belly fat, a drink which is recommended to be take daily to maximize its slimming properties.

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Steps to follow:

One perfect tea to lose belly fat is the mixture of laurel and cinnamon. Laurel is a plant that stops digestive gases in the stomach from accumulating and therefore helps the belly in not becoming inflamed. Cinnamon is a perfect ally for weight loss because it acts as a powerful fat-burner and helps us to maintain stable blood sugar levels in our body.

The method of preparation is very simple: in a pot add the amount of water you want and when it starts to boil add some 8 or 10 laurel leaves and about 2 or 3 cinnamon sticks. If you want the flavour to be sweeter, choose to add some Stevia (natural sweetener).

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Another of the best infusions to slim your belly is horsetail. This plant is the quintessential natural diuretic because it works to eliminate retained fluids and cleanse the body. It is a perfect infusion to eliminate water from our body, enhancing our purifying process by up to 30% more than our body would naturally.

You can mix the horsetail with other herbs or ingredients that help you lose weight, e.g., cinnamon or lemon. Thus, you will improve the taste of the tea and you will increase its benefits.

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Losing a belly with green tea is also a perfect idea. This type of tea is a natural antioxidant that helps fight the ageing of our bodies and deflate the belly.

Taking green tea you make your body use fat as if it were a power source, so it stops saturated fats accumulating in the body; it also speeds up the metabolism, ideal to achieve your goal of a slimmer tummy.

What Is The Best Tea To Lose Belly Fat - Step 3

Another infusion to lose a belly is the mixture of honey and cinnamon. We have already mentioned before the beneficial properties of cinnamon to help you lose weight; but now we are going to discuss honey as it is also an ideal ingredient to help you lose the belly.

It is recommended you get used to replacing sugar with honey. Thus you will be eating a food full of nutrients and of slow absorption. In this article we tell you how to use honey for weight loss so you know how useful this ingredient is to lose weight. However, bear in mind that fat is not always bad and lots of women and men love a bit of roundness.

To prepare this tea you will need a tablespoon of honey, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and water. You should boil all ingredients and, when ready, remove from heat and go drinking the concoction throughout the day, though it is generally recommended that you take it first and last thing of day.

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A lemon infusion also helps us lose a belly as this fruit helps burn fat, above all, that which accumulates in the gut. Lemon helps to tackle inflammation in the area due to indigestion or accumulated fat. Take a look at the lemon detox diet for more information.

To make this tea you just need to boil some water in a saucepan and when its starts to boil add the juice of one lemon. Drink this concoction daily, preferably on an empty stomach, and before long you will begin to see the results; if you want, you can mix it with a little honey to enhance results.

What Is The Best Tea To Lose Belly Fat - Step 5

Another of the best infusions to slim the belly is the mix of apple, cinnamon and lemon. The apple helps detoxify the body, besides getting the metabolism to accelerate and burn fat more quickly and efficiently.

You only need apples, cinnamon and lemon juice. Boil all ingredients for about 15 minutes and then strain it all, leaving only the water.

What Is The Best Tea To Lose Belly Fat - Step 6

Linseed and aloe are good allies to help lose a belly. The first is a seed that contains large amounts of fiber and helps us speed up the metabolism and discard fat; aloe helps to eliminate body stool and regulate bowel movements. In OneHowTo we tell you how to slim using aloe vera.

This infusion can be prepared with ground flax seed; boil the water and then take 1 or 2 large leaves of aloe (removing the thorns). Strain the infusion and drink it early or late in the day. To make it taste better, we can add a little lemon juice or a small teaspoon of honey.

What Is The Best Tea To Lose Belly Fat - Step 7

In addition to these infusions to lose the belly, you should consider other aspects that will help you lose weight in that area which is so hard to reduce. It is important to follow a balanced diet in which vegetables and proteins are abundant; you must abandon savoury rolls and sauces that only provide calories and excess fat. It is also important that you add fibre rich foods so your bowel movements are better and eliminate saturated fat.

But you must take care not only of your food but of your lifestyle as a whole: you should start to be more active and exercise frequently if you want to slim down the tummy. Exercises like sit-ups are perfect for toning and strengthening this area. Take a look at the best tips to get a flatter stomach in 3 weeks.

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As already mentioned, it is important that you exercise regularly to lose your belly. So next we detail the best exercises you can do that will help you accomplish your goal.

  • Cardiovascular exercises: running, swimming, cycling or dancing are the best options to help you sweat, burn calories and reduce fat from your body, also the belly.
  • Abdominal work out: as expected, these are the best exercises to work the belly area directly. So doing sit-ups is the best choice to lose fat accumulated on the belly. There are many exercises you can practice but it is advisable that before doing so you consult a personal trainer that will indicate how best to do them as otherwise you could hurt you back.

But it is useless to do this workout once a month: the trick to losing weight is to be constant and frequent. Therefore it is recommended that you go to the gym, at least 3 times per week and in your day to day you make healthy choices: take the stairs instead of the elevator, cycle to work, and so on.

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This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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What Is The Best Tea To Lose Belly Fat
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