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The Best Natural Alternatives to Prednisone

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: November 12, 2020
The Best Natural Alternatives to Prednisone

Prednisone is a corticosteroid drug that people use to treat some inflammatory diseases such as asthma and crohn's disease. Besides this major use, it is also prescribed to treat some autoimmune diseases and even in some cases cancer. People use this drug because of its immunosuppressant properties, i.e. preventing the activity of the immune system, but the truth is that it has many side effects harmful for the body. The use of this drug for a long period of time can harm our health, especially when people stop taking it, as there are many symptoms of Prednisone withdrawal that can be avoided; so it is important to know which alternatives we can take to help ease the pain in an alternative way.

You must consult your doctor if you want to replace Prednisone with natural remedies. You should never stop your treatment and replace the drug for other remedies without the supervision of a professional. But if you want more information on what alternatives could work better for you, in this oneHOWTO article we explain the best natural alternatives to Prednisone.

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  1. What is Prednisone used for?
  2. What are the side effects of Prednisone
  3. Prednisone alternatives to treat inflammatory diseases
  4. Prednisone alternatives to treat migraines
  5. Alternatives to Prednisone to treat Lupus
  6. Chinese medicine as an alternative to Prednisone
  7. Never replace Prednisone without the supervision of a professional

What is Prednisone used for?

Prednisone is a corticosteroid drug people use to treat inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and, when taken in high doses, even cancer. These are some of the most common diseases treated with Prednisone:

  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatic disorders
  • Urticaria
  • Inflammatory bowel
  • Migraines
  • Some allergies
  • Eye problems
  • Immune system disorders
  • Blood disorders
  • Breathing problems

Depending on the cause, Prednisone can take a longer or shorter time to kick in. Take a look at our article on how long does it take for Prednisone to work? for more information.

The Best Natural Alternatives to Prednisone - What is Prednisone used for?

What are the side effects of Prednisone

Prednisone is an effective drug to treat the diseases mentioned above, but it is associated with many side effects. Some of the most important are:

  • High blood glucose levels
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Osteoporosis
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Heart problems
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Cushing's syndrome

These side effects can make the life of the person taking the drug much difficult, and for this reason some people want to try alternative remedies to Prednisone. However, it is important to bear in mind that no alternative will work as fast and effectively as Prednisone.

When you choose the best alternative to Prednisone, it is important to know the reason why you're taking it, as some remedies might work better than others.

The Best Natural Alternatives to Prednisone - What are the side effects of Prednisone

Prednisone alternatives to treat inflammatory diseases

If you're taking Prednisone to treat inflammatory diseases such as asthma, arthritis and inflammatory bowel syndrome, there are certain alternatives that can help you with your problem.

An anti-inflammatory diet is the first step to treat this problem naturally. To carry an anti-inflammatory diet you should eliminate all grains (including gluten), sugar, alcohol, trans fats, aspartame, caffeine and chemicals. A dietitian will be able to create a complete anti-inflammatory diet according to your needs.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory diet, you can take other anti-inflammatory herbs and supplements that will help you fight off your ailment:

  • Curcumin (extract of Turmeric). It is one of the most important alternative supplement to Prednisone that has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and chemopreventive properties. Turmeric is especially used to treat arthritis.
  • Liquorice root. It prevents the breakdown of the adrenal gland that produces cortisol and it strengthens the body's natural anti-inflammatory effects. However, liquorice root can elevate blood pressure, so it's important to avoid it if you suffer from this condition.
  • Ginger. It is a really good natural anti-inflammatory

Professionals' recommendations say you should start taking these while you're still taking Prednisone. You can then gradually decrease your drug intake until the point in which you might not need it anymore. However, we remind you that you must visit a doctor before replacing Prednisone with any natural remedy.

The Best Natural Alternatives to Prednisone - Prednisone alternatives to treat inflammatory diseases

Prednisone alternatives to treat migraines

If you're taking Prednisone to treat your migraines, you can replace the drug for some natural remedies that might ease your pain. Chamomile, white willow black tea and essential oils are great if you want to avoid migraines. These terrible headaches can be treated with herbs and are possible to relieve at home if you follow some steps.

Alternatives to Prednisone to treat Lupus

Prednisone is used to treat lupus, more specifically to treat some of its symptoms such as rashes and skin problems. Thus, as it's used as a corticosteroid, there are certain natural ingredients that will also help with these symptoms.

This is why we advise you to follow these tips instead:

  • Eat vegetables raw and organic when possible to avoid additives and toxins that can trigger gut issues.
  • Take anti-oxidant foods such as avocado, spinach, garlic...
  • Omega-3 will also benefit a person suffering from lupus who wants to avoid taking Prednisone. Ingredients such as raw nuts or fish like herring will help reduce inflammation.
  • Do plenty of exercise to reduce joint pain. Doing at least 30 minutes daily exercise will highly benefit your condition.
  • Reduce stress levels. Practice half an hour yoga and try to get rid of activities that will unnecessarily increase your levels of stress.
  • Get some quality sleep. It's not only important to sleep for 8 hours daily, but you should also make sure the quality of your sleep is good by choosing a right mattress and pillow that will ensure correct rest.

Remember that getting rid of Prednisone for Lupus and introducing these changes into your lifestyle does not mean you should stop taking any of the other medicines that your doctor has prescribed.

The Best Natural Alternatives to Prednisone - Alternatives to Prednisone to treat Lupus

Chinese medicine as an alternative to Prednisone

Some herbal remedies from traditional Chinese medicine can work to treat the diseases for which Prednisone is used for. Especially in the case of treating asthma, some studies have determined that a Chinese herbal compound called ASHMI can work without the side effects that Prednisone would cause.

Traditional Chinese medicine has also studied the effects of natural compounds to treat allergies and have found out that a compound called FAHF-2 could work.

If you want to try traditional Chinese medicine you should put yourself in the hands of a certified professional. Be aware that sometimes people pretend to be natural healers but they don't have the necessary education. Always check references before trusting any natural healer.

Never replace Prednisone without the supervision of a professional

There are natural alternatives available to replace Prednisone, but you should never do it without the supervision of your doctor. If the side effects of Prednisone are making your life too difficult the best you can do is speak with your doctor and he/she will tell you what is the best alternative to take depending on your illness. Never do it on your own as there could be severe complications.

If you would like more information on alternative remedies for synthetic drugs, read this article and find out the best natural alternatives to Omeprazole.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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Martha Renning
I am looking for an alternative organic substitute for Prednisolone for my Ferret...Please and thank you
yes...i was wondering if anyone knew of any resources out there for someone needing help. Not a free ride. I am on ssi. But. I am not in a safe place. And there are domestic issues as well, but i.absolutely will not involve the police to get help... trust me on that one. I have P.TS.D and I suffer from bipolar disorder so right off the bat...you are treated like a nutjob...nothing you say is taken seriously. Even a rape you tried to report. At the hospital. Yes. That's why I dont trust the local authorities, well any of them... honestly. So im in North Georgia, but im not down to travel to where help is because it sure isn't here. Oh, please just answer through here, not the email for now. I know he has my emails moniterd.
OneHowTo Editor

We are not sure what sort of help you are looking for, but it appears you are alluding to domestic violence issues. If this is the case, you may want to contact Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV). They will be able to provide information about services in your area and you don't have to speak to the police.
Please go to a hospital to find help. Pretend you have abdominal pain to get into see a doctor privately, then ask for assistance getting to a safe house. I am sorry no one has seen your post in an entire year.
Deborah Williams
This important information will regrettably be read by so few in need of its message.
Ralph Bennett
I have asthma for 20 years and I get asthma attack frequently. Doctors are reluctant to prescribe prednisone . I need supplement that is not a drug, a supplement that will work like prednisone suppressing my asthmatic inflammation.
Justin H
Good article. After being on prednisone for many years and with a lots of extreme suffering and my own research I think many people could be and should be treated with some added testosterone to help them while they are tapering the prednisone. When I tell some doctors they say No and they keep just saying it is the adrenal glands and you have to just taper. I have told them that for myself and millions of others it does not work generally because all the inflammation starts roaring back while tapering below like 15mg per day causing untold pain, asthma and severe back/hip muscle spasms lasting a few weeks. I think testosterone as well will help because it is also an Anti-inflammatory and a immuno-suppressant so those 2 qualities are similar to prednisone and can provide the much needed anti-inflammatory that is needed while the adrenal glands are not producing and are recovering. This is so obvious and doctors should investigate this and recommend it to help people get off prednisone especially if people have low levels or low-normal levels of testosterone because that is not enough for the body and inflammation diseases when the adrenal glands are also not working. There are many studies and medical evidence now and that have been done in the last 10 years that show low testosterone and asthma and allergies and inflammation are linked and that testosterone lowers ilc2's which cause much inflammation. But many doctors and specialists just don't seem to get it or listen, why?!?!?
very helpful article , good information , i would like though a diet plan for inflammation as to what to eat in the morning , lunch and dinner and how much turmeric and ginger to incorporate in a day or how much turmeric supplements that would be effective. Thank you for all the great info.
all the alternatives suggested have been used in the east for centuries. I can personally vouch for a teaspoon of turmeric fried in a little butter and taken dissolved in hot milk and/or a teaspoon of ginger powder as effective for pain relief.
This was an interesting article. You indicated that you should not replace prednisone with alternatives without guidance from a professional. What type professional would you recommend. I know my MD would not support replacing prednisone with herbs.
Excellent information as always. Thanks for keeping us the public well informed..
i can't believe you don't mention Vitamin D as a substitute to prednisone. Vitamin D is really hormone and acts like cortisol which is a natural alternative to Prednisone but without the side effects.
Vitamin D works as well as steroids? I would love to know more about this. I was on the steriod eye drops Durezol for four days at four times a day. Then dropped down to one time a day for seven days as a tapering. Now on Prednisolone eye drops one time a day for the next five days as more tapering/weaning. The side effects are messing me up bad. I have prescription Vitamin D but ran out. Can you give me ay information on how Vitamin D could help me get off these crazy steroids?
This does not work for everyone. I take vit D daily, but not all supplements are the same. I've had a few brands that increased inflammation causing very large swollen joints.
Cecilia Schermaul
I am taking Prednisone for Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. I have felt worse since taking it than when I was diagnosed with the problem.
No sleep. Pains in joints and bad stretching of sinews. Eyes are going bad, difficulty reading.
Every time a problem comes up there goes another RX to swallow
Take a lower dose... I have been using steroids' for many years treating Lupus and I like LOW DOSE treatment 10 or under daily the low dose doesn't have the side effects and can be used to make everyday better but not used to completely get rid of inflammation!
I was told you can take Prednisone for bodybuilding is that true? I was told if I took 50Mg per day that would be very effective? I have gout and that is why I take it once in awile right now. It helps with that awful gout for sure and fast. Thank you
OneHowTo Editor
Hi David,

We suggest you consult a doctor before starting any medication. All the best.
Tom Earls
I've taken prednisone for colitis and asthma mostly. This morning after eating shallfish, shrimp and lobster I woke with pain in my right foot, a sure sign of gout. I took 40 mg of Prednisone and the pain was gone in an hour. The wonderful thing about Prednisone, is that when you take it for one condition, it clears up all of the others too. In this case, my chronically stuffy nose is better, and my other foot (arthritis) feels better tonight. I don't take it regularly because I'm aware of the long term symptoms.
I have a radio static noise in my ear, doctor recommended high doses of steroid prednisone 60 to 40 to 20 over two week period but just taking 20 during a sinus infection it gave me heart palpatations...is there a natural remedy I can use instead....I heard cod liver oil was great for inflamation.
I can speak from experience that at higher dose taken for iodine allergy I was a bit overwhelmed and when i took my last dose on empty stomache (bad idea) I had very high pulse and needed to get beta blockers at doctor which brought it down...I think i took slightly more than yours and more condensed into 24/hrs...nicotinamide riboside which is a form of niacin is supposed to sometimes help although I still don't take a very large dose of that..time has helped with my tinnitus as well..i think it partly lessened and partly i got used to it..brown noise machine at night will mask the sound to help you sleep..google nicotinamide riboside...I know that I had weirdness at 20 and did take more I think taking no food with a dose is what ultimately gave me a very bad time..but I only was taking it for a few days at higher dose
Very enlightening.....I have come off prednisone and am in pain from my spine to
my toes...I will show this to my doctor.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Evelyn,

We're glad to be of help and good luck in your future treatment!
christine osborne
best alternatives to prednisone, I am not taking prednisone at this time.
OneHowTo Editor
You'll find them in the article above.
Hope this helps
Ralph Bennett
what are the alternatives to prednisone
carrie tschann
how do i find a nutritionist to help me with anti inflammatory foods? prednisone is truly the devil! makes my blood pressure go up and my already fast heartbeat go much faster
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The Best Natural Alternatives to Prednisone