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What is Manuka Honey Good for?

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: June 3, 2018
What is Manuka Honey Good for?

Manuka honey is a highly appraised type of honey that comes from bees pollinating the Manuka bush in New Zealand. Honey is a well-known superfood that not only adds a sweet taste to many recipes but also is recommended for natural beauty treatments; as well as natural illness remedies. Manuka honey has been deemed to be superior to other forms of honey due to its Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) rating system of antibacterial properties.

In this OneHowTo article we explain what is Manuka honey good for.

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  1. Digestive health
  2. Burn and wound healing
  3. Skin health
  4. Teeth and mouth hygiene
  5. Allergies and sore throats

Digestive health

Perhaps you might have noticed how taking a warm cup of tea with a little bit of honey can soothe an upset stomach. The fact is that honey has high antimicrobial and antibiotic properties.

Manuka honey may provide beneficial effects on people suffering from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), acid reflux or low stomach acid. Manuka honey with a UMF of 12+ is often recommended to help balance bacterial and heal stomach inflammation.

What is Manuka Honey Good for? - Digestive health

Burn and wound healing

Manuka honey applied to an open wound may help protect the wound or burn from external pathogens that risk an infection. It is one of the best natural antiseptics that can prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Additionally, it can provide symptomatic pain relief and reduce inflammation around the affected area. Since it is a food product that can be ingested it can also offer these same benefits for internal wounds.

Skin health

Many face masks and other beauty products contain honey as a result of its excellent effects on skin health. People that suffer from acne may find that this natural antibacterial is helpful in the control of acne breakouts without leaving the skin dehydrated. Used in a facial cleanser it can help open up pores and ensure proper cleaning of the skin.

Manuka honey also contains a high number of antioxidants, which makes it a fantastic ingredient in anti-aging face products. It is moisturizing and just with a little amount the collagen promoting effects are noticeable on the skin.

What is Manuka Honey Good for? - Skin health

Teeth and mouth hygiene

You may be surprised to know that this highly sugary product is good for your health. The secret is in its high antimicrobial properties, which as opposed to contributing to teeth decay, it may actually help fight back mouth infections.

It is argued that people suffering from gingivitis or periodontal disease may find that Manuka honey can help with gum bleeding, inflammation and plaque reduction.

Allergies and sore throats

Despite its almost miraculous properties, Manuka honey can equally be used for common allergies and the flu. People tend to drink warm beverages sweetened with honey or take honey rock candy finding symptomatic relief. You may use Manuka honey, usually in lower quantities, to replace other forms of honey.

Honey has been used as a natural remedy for allergies and sore throats since the ancient times. Manuka honey may offer a stronger natural ailment to some of the most common illnesses. The higher the UMF rating, the higher levels of phenol compounds found in just a small amount bringing therapeutic results.

What is Manuka Honey Good for? - Allergies and sore throats

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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What is Manuka Honey Good for?