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Home remedies for seasonal allergies

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: December 4, 2018
Home remedies for seasonal allergies

Spring is one of the most revered seaons of the year, poets, writers, romantics and nature lovers never tire of praising its beauties. But for allergy sufferers, spring can be a complete nightmare. The irritation of the mucous membranes, congestion and constant sneezing are part of every day life during those months, so on we offer solutions to this annoying problem, discover some home remedies for seasonal allergies and how to avoid seasonal allergies.

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Steps to follow:


Antihistamine remedies are commonly prescribed to counteract allergies, but some herbs also offer this possibility, as is the case with laurel. Prepare a daily infusion and drink two or three cups to help reduce swelling and discomfort produced by spring allergies.

Home remedies for seasonal allergies - Step 1

Nettle is another great plant to help cope with spring allergies, you can also make a tea and drink two or three cups a day, you'll see how the troublesome symptoms are remarkably improved.

Home remedies for seasonal allergies - Step 2

Prepare a tea with camomile leaves, but instead of drinking it breath in its vapours for about 5 minutes, this will help reduce congestion. Inhaling the smell of onions is also a highly effective way to reduce congestion and inflammation caused by spring allergies.

Home remedies for seasonal allergies - Step 3

During the spring it is also important to keep high defences, therefore increase your consumption of foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, green tomatoes or white tea and eucalyptus.

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They say that eating a local honey will help ease the severity of allergies. As this sweet remedy is also an anti-inflammatory, it also helps with the symptoms. If you are suffering from nasal congestion, check out our article with home remedies for nasal congestion.

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The most common symptoms of spring allergies are sneezing, itchy throat and eyes, congestion, nasal discomfort and overall mucous irritation. These occur due to the pollen concentration and particles in the atmosphere.

The best way to treat a spring or seasonal allergy, is to avoid it. Therefore, we have compiled a list of how to avoid spring allergies, these include:

  • To avoid spring allergies you should never leave windows open in your house because the airflow can affect you. Instead, use humidifiers and, if you have air conditioning, it's very useful to have an anti pollen filter. Vacuum once a week, preferably with a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA fliter and avoid having any carpets or rugs that could accumulate dust unnecessarily.
  • It's also useful to have a doormat on your front door in order to prevent any pollen or fungus from the exterior entering your house.
  • Your car may also have an anti pollen filter. Likewise, avoid driving with your window open.
  • Stay away from other things that can aggravate your allergies and irritate the mucous membranes, such as smoke, sprays, chemicals, etc.
  • Do not go outside without wearing sunglasses, so you can keep your eyes a little further away from the pollen, greatly reducing any discomfort.
  • Wherever possible, avoid going outside during hours when pollen is most present in the atmosphere, i.e. during sunrise and sunset. Also, you're best exercising in an enclosed space because outside air may make you feel more tired and less productive due to congestion.
  • If your hay fever is very strong, you should maybe spend a few days in a calmer environment. If you can't take a holiday, get away at least during weekends so you can recover.
  • Do not self-medicate if it is the first time you've experienced an allergic reaction in spring. You're best visiting a doctor so they can recommend the right treatment. If you have a very severe allergy your doctor or allergist may suggest taking shots to prevent the allergies from affecting you during springtime. Ask your doctor about this possibility if you suffer quite a lot.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • Remember to keep the windows closed to prevent pollen and particles from entering your home
  • Use air conditioning with anti pollen and keep your home clean to minimize discomfort
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Home remedies for seasonal allergies