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How to Use Black Pepper to Lose Weight - Effective Methods

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: July 13, 2020
How to Use Black Pepper to Lose Weight - Effective Methods

Piperine is a nutritional compound that can be found on the surface of different types of pepper but, above all, it is found black pepper (Kali Mirch), also known as Piper nigrum, which is extracted from tropical plants grown in India. Piperine is the main active ingredient of this spice and, in addition, is responsible for its spicy taste. However, this compound not only gives flavor to black pepper, but also gives it powerful health benefits.

Among these properties, we find that this nutrient helps us to lose weight faster, since it has stimulating properties that accelerate our metabolism, among others. That is why, in this oneHOWTO article, we tell you how to use black pepper to lose weight.

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  1. Black pepper benefits for weight loss
  2. How to take black pepper extract for weight loss
  3. Other ways to use black pepper to lose weight
  4. Black pepper drink for weight loss
  5. Contraindications of black pepper extract

Black pepper benefits for weight loss

Piperine is a very useful compound in any diet specified for weight loss, as it has a number of very beneficial effects to reach your target weight. These are the main benefits of black pepper for weight loss:

  • It is an element with excellent digestive properties that accelerates the formation of digestive juices, activates our taste buds and produces more saliva. All this, translates into better digestion and a more efficient assimilation of proteins and nutrients.
  • It has slimming properties that help speed up metabolism and the process of burning fats. In addition, it is also a substance that, on the one hand, prevents the creation of new fats and, on the other hand, decreases those already in our bloodstream.
  • It has a potent thermogenic effect, which also helps us accelerate, even more, our metabolism. This helps burn body fat more quickly, as well as improve the production of muscle mass.
  • It also helps us lose weight thanks to its diuretic properties, which reduce water retention and eliminate toxins accumulated within our body.
  • Finally, piperine in black pepper contains relaxing and aromatic properties that help us control the levels of anxiety that produces more desire to eat when following a diet.


How to Use Black Pepper to Lose Weight - Effective Methods - Black pepper benefits for weight loss

How to take black pepper extract for weight loss

Currently, piperine is mainly taken as a food supplement in the form of capsules, also known as black pepper extract. As stated above, this substance is the main active ingredient of black pepper. So, although in the packaging of the product it may say piperine, we will actually be taking black pepper extract.

The daily dose you have to take to achieve your goal is usually 2 capsules a day, although you should consult the dose recommended in the packaging of the product you have purchased. In addition, these pills should always be taken half an hour before meals (one before breakfast and one before the main meal).

It is important that you never take more capsules than those recommended per day and that you adjust to the length of the treatment, which will be specified within the insert of this supplement.

Before starting to take black pepper extract in capsules, we must keep in mind that it is still a dietary supplement, so if we want to lose weight it is essential to accompany them with a specific diet plan to lose weight and perform daily physical activity.

Other ways to use black pepper to lose weight

Piperine is part of black pepper, so you can also enjoy its slimming effects by consuming various formats of this food condiment:

  • Black pepper essential oil: this format should not be swallowed or used on the skin. This liquid is only used in aromatherapy to control your anxiety levels for food.
  • Black pepper tea: it is a drink that is accompanied by lemon and honey since both foods contain fat-burning properties. You only need 1 glass of warm water, one tablespoon of honey, another of black pepper and 4 tablespoons of lemon. To get results, you should take it every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Black pepper in grain: This format is ideal to use as the main seasoning of your meals. In addition to getting the benefits of black pepper, you will lose more weight if you replace the salt you put into your meals for this spice.

Black pepper drink for weight loss

Black pepper and lemon juice

The first black pepper drink we're going to show you how to make is the black pepper and lemon juice. It is pretty similar to the tea we mentioned above, although you can take it cold and take advantage of the astringent properties of lemon too, that will prevent you from being hungry before it's time for dinner.

  • First of all, extract the juice of half a lemon in a glassful of water. Mix properly. Grind some pepper (it's important it's freshly ground).
  • Drink this juice after each of your meals.

Kale and black pepper juice

Another way to make a black pepper drink for weight loss is to add it to other juices that also aid weight loss. Kale has many health benefits, as it aids digestion and is a great source of fiber. Take a look at how to make this black pepper extract drink for weight loss:

  • Chop one cup of kale leaves
  • Blend it until you get a thick paste
  • Take the juice from half a lime
  • Add the lime juice to the kale and grind 1 tsp black pepper
  • Mix properly and take after each meal

Beetroot and black pepper juice

Beetroot can highly aid weight loss, as it boosts metabolism as well as reducing inflammation, which means you will feel less bloated. This is ideal to take after your workouts, which you will need to keep up if you want to lose weight effectively. When combined with apple, one of the fruits with less calories, it is a perfect black pepper juice that you can make at home.

  • Cut two or three slices of apple
  • Chop one beetroot and mix with half a cup of water.
  • Blend the apple and beetroot with water.
  • Add the black pepper extract.
  • Mix properly and take every day

How to Use Black Pepper to Lose Weight - Effective Methods - Black pepper drink for weight loss

Contraindications of black pepper extract

Piperine, either in capsules or black peppercorns, is not recommended in the following cases:

  • People with digestive disorders: this spice accelerates the acid secretions of our stomach, so it can cause irritation in the mucous membranes in people who already have gastritis, esophagitis, gastric ulcers or have heartburn.
  • Diseases in the intestine: Pepper is contraindicated in people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease or inflammatory bowel disease, as it can cause severe digestive disorders.
  • Hypersensitivity: it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin, as it can cause irritation and itching.
  • Hemorrhoids: In these cases, the piperine causes irritation and increases the pain caused by this disorder.
  • Pregnancy: Black pepper extract should not be taken during pregnancy as it could induce miscarriage.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How to Use Black Pepper to Lose Weight - Effective Methods