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How To Easily Speed Up The Metabolism

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Easily Speed Up The Metabolism

When we talk about metabolism we refer to a series of chemical reactions in which all the energy we consume in the form of food becomes fuel that makes every cell and organ in our body work properly. Having a fast metabolism promotes weight loss, because our body burns the calories we have consumed more effectively. So, many people ask themselves how to easily speed up their metabolism and at and we will now explain.

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Steps to follow:


Eating little, leading a sedentary lifestyle, eating foods which are high in fat or certain health conditions such as thyroid problems all affect our metabolism, causing it to work slower. This makes it more difficult to process fats, sugars and the calories we consume in food, causing them to accumulate in our bodies as localized fat, cellulite and extra weight. Hence the importance of having a fast metabolism which will help us keep a healthy weight.


Healthy meals more times a day: For some years now the effectiveness of this method to accelerate the metabolism has been known. When we eat little, as a defence mechanism, our body enters a kind of alert mode and reserves the largest possible number of calories to be used in the absence of food. Eating five times a day, smaller, healthier portions, we send constant signals to our body: we are eating to obtain energy. This speeds up the metabolism making our body work flat out to try to process all these nutrients.

It is important to understand that this recommendation works when the foods we eat are healthy and balanced. Constantly feeling hungry is not the best tool for weight loss, and this also slows our metabolism with negative effects on our health and figure.


Carry out a good exercise routine: one of the myths about weight loss which is most widespread is that exercise alone helps us lower our weight. The reality is that for the exercise to be effective we must know what kind of activity to do, how to do it and also combine it with a healthy diet.

If the goal is to speed up your metabolism then you must combine cardio with resistance training such as exercises practiced with weights and gym machines, etc. The greater the intensity in the burning of calories and the greater the variety of activities the more effective the exercise to our body and metabolism.

A good exercise routine makes your body continue to burn calories hours past the actual exercise, hence the importance of abandoning a sedentary lifestyle to improve our health. In addition recent studies have shown that performing short routines of various exercises for 40 minutes, for example jogging, weights, squats and crunches, it is more effective to speed up metabolism that to do only one activity for the same length of time.


Includes fibre in your diet: This will not only help to improve intestinal transit, but also promote your metabolism. High-fibre foods do not have many calories and also provide us with a feeling of fullness; they also help us slow down the absorption of sugar and fat and speed up metabolism because the body works hard to digest fibre, though it fails to do so and ends up working as a stomach cleaner.


Do not skip meals: this tip combines with the suggestion to eat five meals a day. Not eating breakfast or dinner because we want to lose weight is a big mistake because it causes our metabolism to slow down. It is important to the eat three main meals in a healthy and balanced way, this will keep your metabolism working properly. The fast metabolism diet can help you in your goals.


Stay hydrated: water is essential to be healthy and to keep our cells in good working order. But it is also necessary to burn more calories: in the absence of water our body reacts similarly to how it does with a lack of food and becomes slower to ensure the proper functioning of the whole system. Drinking water, at least 1.5 litres a day, is important for our health and figure.


Eat a healthy diet, carry out physical activity and follow these tips to speed up your metabolism and get healthy.

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How To Easily Speed Up The Metabolism