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The best Herbal Teas For Constipation

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
The best Herbal Teas For Constipation

Slow or inefficient intestinal transit is largely due to conditions such as eating a diet low in fibre, having a sedentary lifestyle or a lack of essential hydration. This causes conditions like constipation which is characterized not only by having difficulty excreting but also by suffering with symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, loss of appetite, among others. There are natural alternatives that may be effective in relieving these symptoms and improving the intestinal transit. In the following OneHowTo article we show you a list of the best herbal teas for constipation, do not miss it!

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  1. Teas for constipation: linseed
  2. Teas for constipation: mallow
  3. Teas for constipation: dandelion
  4. Teas for constipation: chamomile
  5. Teas for constipation: fennel
  6. Other ways of relieving constipation

Teas for constipation: linseed

Linseeds are good for fighting constipation as they regulate intestinal transit and regenerate the intestinal flora, while preventing fat absorption from the intestine. If we add its high fibre content to this, a tea made from linseed is a natural choice for this condition. Boil a cup of water, add a tablespoon of whole linseeds and leave it on the hob for 5 minutes. When cool you can drink the tea. You should drink a cup when fasting and another in the afternoon.

The best Herbal Teas For Constipation - Teas for constipation: linseed

Teas for constipation: mallow

Its properties for combating digestive disorders like constipation are what stand out the most about mallow. This plant acts as a mild laxative, reactivating the intestinal transit and thus facilitating defecation, ending abdominal discomfort and bloating associated with constipation. Prepare the tea by boiling 30 g of dried flowers and mallow leaves in 1 litre of water for 15 minutes and strain the liquid afterwards. Leave to cool and drink 2 or 3 cups a day to start noticing their effects and relieving yourself.

The best Herbal Teas For Constipation - Teas for constipation: mallow

Teas for constipation: dandelion

Another of the best teas you can drink to relieve constipation is made from the root of dandelion. It is perfect for aiding intestinal transit, reducing swelling and facilitating excretion without causing any irritation in the digestive tract due to its high inulin content. It is also a highly regarded plant for its diuretic properties as it helps to remove toxins and prevents fluid retention. Moreover, dandelion essential oil can also be useful to relieve constipation.

The best Herbal Teas For Constipation - Teas for constipation: dandelion

Teas for constipation: chamomile

It is not surprising that chamomile is part of this list as it is a medicinal herb that is particularly useful for the treatment of digestive disorders, including constipation. Not only will it help to relieve stomach pains but it will contribute to the expulsion of intestinal gas and reduction of bloating. Make a camomile tea and drink twice a day.

The best Herbal Teas For Constipation - Teas for constipation: chamomile

Teas for constipation: fennel

Fennel tea is also a great natural remedy for tackling constipation and relieving symptoms quickly. Besides improving digestion of food, it reduces the formation of gases, facilitates excretion and calms heart burn.

The best Herbal Teas For Constipation - Teas for constipation: fennel

Other ways of relieving constipation

Apart from drinking these teas to relieve constipation, there are other aids that can naturally help you regulate your intestinal transit. This is why at OneHowTo, we offer you the following articles:

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The best Herbal Teas For Constipation