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How To Relax Quickly

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Relax Quickly

When you have a fast passed lifestyle it is easy for stress to take control of your body and mind making you feel overwhelmed. To continue it will often be necessary to stop and, although this may seem contradictory, try to slow down. But how? It is easy if you can follow a progressive relaxation technique. In we want you to learn how to escape pressures and tensions, so we explain how to relax quickly. With these 'express' relaxation techniques you will be able to keep stress at bay for a good while. Breath in, then let the air out and recharge your mental and physical energy to keep going.

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Steps to follow:


It will be much easier to relax during the day if you add to your diet food with relaxing properties, especially at breakfast time. It is advisable to eat oats, accompanied by berries, nuts or fruit. In a moment of stress or mental collapse these foods will help you satisfy your anxiety and relax your body. Remember that eating well not only make you feel better and healthier, but it will be a way to avoid falling into the temptations that often cause states of anxiety. To calm down avoid excessive caffeine and refined sugars.

How To Relax Quickly - Step 1

To stop and relax you should first be aware that you are stressed or that you are overwhelmed and are suffering from anxiety. Recognize that you are going too fast and accept that this is the first step to finding a solution. When you see that you are exceeding your limits this will be the time to stop. Remember that with a fast life pace it is not only your body that suffers, your mind also consumes a lot of energy. You should take some time for yourself, breathe to avoid feeling choked.


Once you have decided to take a break from your hectic routine you should start to relax your body, only when your body is relaxed will your mind relax also. Start with simple breathing techniques to help calm down: breath in through the nose and out the mouth deeply and concentrate on this process. It can help to count to 5 before exhaling the air in your lungs or also placing your hands on your belly. Do not think about anything but breathing.

It might be hard to stop thinking but don't worry. As soon as you start thinking about something else rather than your breath, stop your thinking and concentrate again on your breathing. This technique might take a while to master, but if you practice it'll get easier.

How To Relax Quickly - Step 3

Stop doing a thousand things at once. To relax you should put the brakes on and go down a gear. You must learn to establish an order of priorities. If you see you can not do everything and that the situation has become saturated it will be best to tackle things one by one according to their importance. Also during this exercise you should try to stop seeing each situation as a problem and instead consider each as a new opportunity. Think that tomorrow life will give you a further 24 hours to do what you could not finish today. Think positively.


Mastering your emotions, being able to control your temper or mood and thinking logically will help to overcome situations of mental collapse. Stop for a moment, listen and see if you are doing things right. Stop feeling guilty and learn to enjoy the little moments, without pressures.


Find a quiet place and dedicate a few minutes to yourself. A relaxing bath with salts, candles and some soft music is a perfect option to switch off from the world. Unplug the phone and isolate yourself from the world for a moment. You can also try to lie down on the bed in a horizontal position with your legs slightly open and arms extended along the body, eyes closed and no pressure on the jaw, trying to relax all your muscles. Focus on you and nothing else. The key is to not think about anything that unsettles you. Try to leave the mind blank or take it somewhere that transmits peace, like the sea, mountain or meadow.

How To Relax Quickly - Step 6

Another good method to remove tensions is doing sport. If at the peak of your feelings of being overwhelmed you can push that feeling aside by going running, walking or doing any other exercise then do this. Moderate activity will help to dose adrenaline. Try it.

How To Relax Quickly - Step 7

A positive attitude, a smile and looking on the bright side of things will help you avoid becoming stressed so quickly. Remember that everything will be okay. Remember that in times of extreme stress it is best to stop to then later continue. Learn new ways to relax and know how to overcome emotional breakdowns during the day.

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How To Relax Quickly