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How do Endorphins Work?

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How do Endorphins Work?

To understand how endorphins affect the body, the first thing to know is the precise meaning of a word that is commonly overused. The word 'Endorphin' comes from the sum of two words: endogenous, meaning it's caused by the body, and morphine, which refers to a substance that acts on receptors to exert a powerful analgesic concoction. This means that endorphins are hormones produced by our own bodies under certain situations and they have similar effects to morphine, a substance that is used in medicine to cope with pain. When this hormone is released, the person experiences a sense of pleasure and well-being, which is why they are also known as happiness hormones. Keep reading this OneHowTo article for more about how endorphins work in your body.

  1. What are endorphins exactly?
  2. A low level of endorphins does what
  3. How to increase endorphins

What are endorphins exactly?

Endorphins are substances that the body makes naturally. There are cells located in the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands which are responsible for their segregation. They are also present in the digestive system and the spinal cord. The fact that interests us here is that endorphins are released only in certain situations such as stress, pain or intense sexual arousal. It is in these situations when released endorphins act as natural painkillers.. But what we mean by this? Well, they combat pain.

If the hypothalamus is subject to a certain excitement, the feeling of euphoria prompted by the release of endorphins is maintained. In addition to regulating respiratory function, endorphins are also active in inducing sleep. In the case of sexual intercourse, when you hit the spot, i.e. orgasm is reached, then little endorphins act in certain regions of the hypothalamus promoting total relaxation of the body.

How do Endorphins Work? - What are endorphins exactly?

A low level of endorphins does what

Sometimes there are certain symptoms indicative of a low level of endorphins. For example, if a person has trouble enjoying life, finding motivation in their daily routines or feeling that the good news will pose only a momentary joy or low intensity, possibly their endorphin levels are quite low.

In fact, if people had a zero level of endorphins, they not feel pleasure at all. People with a low level of endorphins are much more sensitive and they suffer more than others to the adversities of life or disappointments. Of course, it costs them more to overcome these situations and they feel trapped. They are usually people who cry regularly or who feel easily overwhelmed. In addition, they often feel sad or they suffer periods of sadness for no apparent, without actually externalising the problem and talking about it with the people around them.

How do Endorphins Work? - A low level of endorphins does what

How to increase endorphins

If we want to increase our endorphin levels, we can do so through some activities such as, for example, meditation and relaxing activities. This is a good way to combat stress and to achieve a greater emotional well-being.

It's also important to change our way of eating. Food has a key role regarding the level of endorphins in our bodies. An example of this is that if we do not consume the adequate amounts of food rich in protein, we will not have enough amino acids to produce endorphins. Other foods that promote the segregation of these hormones are sweet foods that are rich in vitamin B and C and legumes. Sometimes everything is explained by genetic issues, so in these cases we explore them through our family histories.

Whatever the reason behind a low level of endorphins, it is important to do everything possible to reverse the situation. Especially because they are responsible, among other things, to help restore calm after nasty, negative or traumatic experiences. After the such brutal events, such as losing someone close to you, you have a higher level of endorphins that may have much to do with your recovery or will power.

If you usually recover after a while, when you have low levels of endorphins, especially after you?ve experienced a more intense than usual emotional and/or physical pain. You will also have more difficulties to fully recover and get back to feeling good. In short, as we said before, everything will be more complicated without the natural emotional analgesic powers of endorphins.

How do Endorphins Work? - How to increase endorphins

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How do Endorphins Work?