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How to Treat a Highly Sensitive Person

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Treat a Highly Sensitive Person

There are many people who are very sensitive. This highly sensitive people were believed to be people that would make a drama out of everything. However, it has now been scientifically proven that certain individuals have higher emotional development than average. In other words, the nervous system of said people is connected more directly to the brain, causing a greater awareness and sensitivity to their environment. A HSP or highly sensitive person is a somewhat misunderstood and stereotyped as a weak or fragile person.

If you know someone around you with this kind of characteristic features, keep reading the following article from OneHowTo in which we explain how to treat a highly sensitive person. Please take note of our advice and you will understand how to understand the HSP collective.

Steps to follow:


HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) are not necessarily shy or introverted. The degree of sensitivity is not measured by the fear of rejection or of being overwhelmed by many people at once. Sensitive people have a more developed nervous system than ordinary and they feel everything deeply, e.g. they feel tired, become irritated... all at once. They need to spend hours alone and need a change of habits and social readjustments if they want to live a healthy life.


From the outside we cannot understand why there are certain measures that are essential for them to take. However, it is necessary to adapt and know how to treat them if we want to help them live a better life, as difficult as it might seem to them. Communication is the first point: you have to talk to them, but smoothly, without fanfare or noise. This will prevent them from feeling overwhelmed and are more likely to have a lively conversation.

How to Treat a Highly Sensitive Person - Step 2

Listening is the best thing that a friend of a HSP can do, given that this is one of their own key strengths. You must be patient because, although they don't complain as a rule, they are very critical. Life is overwhelming for them, given the way they see the world, so it is important to be empathetic in order to establish a good connection with highly sensitive people.


No pressure. Highly sensitive people think too much and may feel overwhelmed by their own thoughts. If you go out for a drink with these people you notice that they gradually relax, but, at the same time, their head is filled with thoughts, worries or feelings. It is better to give them their space without pressure to find out what happens. With no pressure they will tell you what is happening to them.

How to Treat a Highly Sensitive Person - Step 4

As we have noted, their extreme sensitivity makes them, at certain times, intolerant to noise or crowds. You'll notice how they sometimes seek a moment of peace, an oasis, in moments of stress and chaos. If you notice that they are reserved or absent for a few minutes, give them space. This is important for them to reorganise themselves with a little time and with no pressure. On the other hand, it is necessary to understand that they might disappear for a few days. They need to enjoy their own lives and devote time to themselves.


If anything characterises highly sensitive people it is their power of observation, intuition and critical sense. Do not judge them because, although they discuss or criticise you, they will never do so maliciously. Rather, it is more of a compliment, stemming from their desire for you to improve. Remember that a HSP has a highly developed nervous, sensitive and intellectual capacity. Do not underestimate them.

How to Treat a Highly Sensitive Person - Step 6

Sincerity. For a highly sensitive person knowing how you feel will be critical: if you are angry, if you're disappointed, if you did not like something in particular about them... For them it is fundamental that their friend does not put on a mask and hide certain things for fear of hurting their feelings. They value honesty very highly.


On the other hand, it is advisable that you avoid heavy subjects, especially if your opinions differ on these. Remember that their high sensitivity may turn these debates into a major source of worry for them.

How to Treat a Highly Sensitive Person - Step 8

If you live with a highly sensitive person you should be tidy. For them, any environment or messy space can be a nasty problem. Remember that everything that can irk someone is multiplied for HSPs and the irritation is far stronger. On the other hand, if you live together, you must also accept that they need their own space, their own time and a place to unwind. Don't hassle them.


A highly sensitive person will take it all personally. We recommend that you measure your words, that you look for the best way to get their attention, without causing them a greater concern. It is important to understand and accept their sensitivity.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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Harrison Walker
What should I do if my parents don't accept me as an HSP?

I accept my high sensitivity, but my parents don't.

For example, yesterday I wanted to leave on time for youth club at 18:15 - the same time every week. Mum actually dragged me out of the front door a few minutes early and it upset me because I like to leave at my time. We had to leave early because there was traffic. On the way there, this resulted in conflict and almost not going to Sainsbury's before. I did end up going to Sainsbury's though. I like it when Mum walks me places to the sweet isle in the shop. She didn't do it though when I wanted her to. I am also sensitive to light so I wear sunglasses to prevent my eyes from watering. I took my time too. After I got out of the shop, we then went straight to youth club. I wanted Mum to take me in with me, once again she didn't want to. I prefer her to come with me. I decided to stay out of youth club in their car park to earn the minutes that I lost at home when waiting. My youth club leader said 'I was worried about you' because she thought I was lost - when I was safe.

When youth club ended, Mum walked through the garden entrance when I like her to go through the main and other entrance. My youth club leader than said I was lost and she was worried about me. I left and my parents had a go at me for being sensitive. I am just fed up with this problem of people not accepting my sensitivity.

Thank you.
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How to Treat a Highly Sensitive Person