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How to Control Your Temper - Best Tips

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Control Your Temper - Best Tips

Do you have problems with your bad temper? Do you feel that your anger and temper play tricks on you? First of all, you must accept that you have a foul temper. It is a very normal state or mood in human beings and it'd be really strange if you would never have these outbursts or fits of anger. The problem comes when these tantrums become dark and malicious, and ideas clutter around in your mind. On OneHowTo we tell you how to control your temper to help control your life.

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Steps to follow:


We will give you some tips to learn to control your brutish temper and so it does not control your life. Although it may seem difficult to implement, patience is the basis to hold off those emotions of fury and anger. When an evil fit makes an appearance unexpectedly, it is best to breathe deeply and to relax. It may be even helpful to think of good things to get more oxygen to your brain so your emotions calm with less stress and anxiety. When you face situations that you know will trouble you, it is best to step back and avoid using words or gestures that reflect your nervousness or anger.


Another good tip to control temper is to try to realise that when you're in that state, people stay away from you. It is not good for your social relationships if you're always angry and alert. The ideal is to try to relax because anger will not help you, it will just harm your health. If you're angry or full of anger, breathe, take a seat and, if you're alone, close your eyes. Calm yourself down and tame the burning anger than flows through you.

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It's important to control your anger by counting up to ten and breathing in deeply to help calm your inner being. Afterwards, think and be truly rational. You will see that everything has a solution. If, for example, you notice that a conversation or messages have really driven you up the wall, ignore them by all means. Of course, like everything else, it all comes with experience and practice. Once you've calmed down try to talk again. One way to calm yourself is to think of all the good things in a person so they do not irritate you.


A good recommendation for coping with anger is that when you're in front of people you avoid by all means having a complete meltdown. Others do not have to pay for your nasty temper. You are the one who must know how to manage their emotions, you should not blame others. If you can go somewhere and scream and offload these horrible emotions, then just do it.

Let your emotions surface but without ruining your calm outer appearance. The important thing is to focus on the fact that life is full of beauty and there are always reasons to be happy.

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How to Control Your Temper - Best Tips