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What is the Normal Range of Eosinophils in Blood?

What is the Normal Range of Eosinophils in Blood?

Eosinophils are white blood cells (immune cells) that are responsible for fighting parasites and other invaders in blood. Normally, eosinophils make up between 1% and 6% of white blood cells. It is possible to determine their concentration in the blood through a blood test. Normal levels of eosinophils vary between 0% and 4%, which is under 350 cells per micro-liter of blood. An elevated level of eosinophils may indicate that something is wrong. If you are wondering what specifically does a high eosinophil count mean? At oneHOWTO we will explain.

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  1. What are eosinophils?
  2. A high level of eosinophils
  3. A low level of eosinophils
  4. What Is an Eosinophil Count?

What are eosinophils?

An eosinophil is a type of white blood cell, a crucial part of your body’s immune system. They are vital to protect you from invading germs like viruses or parasites like pinworm. Your body is host to five different kinds of them, all made by our bone marrow.The number of white blood cells in your body can inform doctors of the state of your health. High levels are a good indicator that you have an illness or infection. It means your body is sending more and more of them to fight off infections.

A high level of eosinophils

The increase in the percentage of eosinophils is generally associated with an allergy, auto-immune disease or parasitic infection. More specifically, it may be the result of:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma
  • A parasitic infection in the intestines or elsewhere (such as worms)
  • Collagen vascular disease
  • Bone marrow disorders
  • Skin inflammation such as dermatitis
  • Although this is less common, a high eosinophil level can also indicate the presence of leukemia, a type of blood cancer.

Symptoms of a high level of eosinophils depend on the cause, such as Eosinophillic Folliculitis. A high level of eosinophils on its own wouldn't present any symptoms. This condition is always a sign of another condition or disease. Therefore, treatment will be for the underlying disorder and not for the elevated eosinophils as such.

However, there are certain home remedies you can use to help lower a high eosinophil count.

A low level of eosinophils

A low level, i.e. less than 50ml means that your immune system may be significantly weakened. This may be due to the following causes:

  • Acute allergic reactions
  • Reactions after major surgery
  • If it occurs during pregnancy, the cause could be eclampsia.
  • Diseases affecting the immune system such as HIV.

If your eosinophil level is outside of the normal range, it is best to visit a hematologist for a full examination. Take a look at our article on how to treat low eosinophils to find your underlying cause and learn about the adequate treatment.

What Is an Eosinophil Count?

An eosinophil count is a type of blood test that measures the number of eosinophils in your body. This test aids your doctor in confirming a diagnosis.

  • Usually, blood is drawn from a vein on the inside of your elbow or the back of your hand.
  • Your nurse or doctor will wrap an elastic band around your upper arm to ensure access to a vein.
  • Next, they will insert the needle into the vein, gently.
  • The blood collects into an airtight tube attached to the needle.
  • Then the elastic band is removed.
  • You will be told to put pressure on the area to ensure no more blood escapes.

For babies or young children, a lancet may be used to prick the skin. It is a sharp tool, but nothing to be worried about. It is a quick process.During the testing process, the technician will count how many eosinophils are present, per 100 cells. Then, the percentage of eosinophils is multiplied by your white blood cell count to discover your true eosinophil count.A normal blood sample reading will show fewer than 350 eosinophil cells per micro-liter of blood.For more information on white blood cells, read our article explaining the reasons for a high white blood cell count.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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John Auli
My Absolute Esoinophils is 511 what does this mean and how seirous is it and what can i do the correct it
Nancy Louise Breese
My Eosinophill Number = 9.
Fred Kerr
My Eosinophil Number = 0.3 and the normal range is 0.0 -0.2; what does that mean?
george orlando
Iam an astmatic I have allergies my asthma is under control I had blood work done all normal except my eosinophil was 8.4 isthis adanger sign I want to know
Madge Schmitter
result 0.9
range 0.0-0.35
How worried should I be regarding my white blood cell count I'm told I have EMS.
I have not seen my Rheumatologist yet ,
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Madge,

If you are worried, we suggest you consult your doctor and get their professional opinion.

All the best!
Sabyasachi Nandi
What sort of difficulties may arise if Eosinophils range is higher - more than 20%
I just got off a picc line for sepsis. My SED rate was 42 when tested again which mean's there has to be some infection in me. My Eosinophils in the blood was 7. What does all this mean? Should I follow up or see a doctor again and get more blood work. I am so worried now the sepsis will come back. I can't even sneeze wrong.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Marianne
If you are worried, we always recommend consulting a doctor just to be sure.
Christine Hulsey
Severe left knee pain- chronic mainly at night and high Absoulte esophils at 675Cells/uL could this be Leukemia?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Christine
If you feel chronic knee pain, we recommend consulting a doctor as soon as you can to treat it accordingly.
my husband's absolute eosinophils was 667. anything to worry about?
The last two times my doctor has done bloodwork my eosinophils have been high. Latest - 13% where the reference range is 0-8% Is this something that should be followed up on?
50%. What it indicates.?What should I do?
Mahadi hassan Momen
my daughter mild eosinophils is 8% , does it make any problem?? or does it as like normal?
OneHowTo Editor
As you can read in the article above, there are many reasons for a high eosinophil count. Run these results by your doctor who knows about your daughter's history best, as it could be the result of an allergy she may have recently had or an intestinal infection she had.
Remember to check the results with her doctor.
Best wishes!
my eosinophilic test is in the normal reading, Yet my dr says I have eosinophilic asthma and wants to start me on nucala shots. my question is if the eosinophilic is normal, and I take these shots wouldn't that do me harm?
is 7% of eosinophils during blood test a concern for a male of 65 years
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Raju,
The count is not extremely high, although you should let your doctor know about your blood count to make sure everything is ok.
Hope this helps
liezel p emblar
is clusivol ob is good for pregnant women with high eosinophils which 10%?

cns,iyer age 76 male
my recent blood test shows that eosinophil
05 and normal range shown as 1-6. the test is done in a known hospital s pathology.
some years before i was diagonised suffering from bronehitis . i have done copd recently found nothing, doctor cardiolagist says my heart and lungs are ok for the age. i have short breathe and use duolin inhalar can you please guide me about poor eosinophil reading which i hav e mentioned above an healp?
will it be the reasn for my short breathe?
Your advise to be of great help and oblication. thanks.
Jane Bertin (oneHOWTO editor)
An eosinophil level of 5% is above the normal range; if your doctor knows about it and said not to worry, we recommend following their advice, because they know your particular health and situation.

If they said that before your blood test, you should contact your doctor with the results and give them a reminder of your condition and the inhaler that you use; they will tell you what you should do in your specific case.
sheila bakit
i have 15% of eosinophilia and i was worried for what i read in internet it is really dangerous if i have this percentage?'?
My Eosinophilis value is 5,7 K/ml what that means and what I have to do
OneHowTo Editor
Does the K stand for thousands? If so you should take the results to your doctor so he/she can take a closer look at them.
Hope this helps
My test result of eosinophils is 1.41. please send my decease condition.
Blood test shows eosinophilis is 10% and hemoglobin 15% is it normal?
OneHowTo Editor
We advise you to comment the results of your blood test with your doctor so he can diagnose you appropriately.
What is the Normal Range of Eosinophils in Blood?