What Is The Normal Range Of Lymphocyte Count

By Max. D Gray. Updated: July 12, 2017
What Is The Normal Range Of Lymphocyte Count

White blood cells in the human body are designed to defend the organism from external attacks. When leukocytes are low the patient is susceptible to infection. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that is distinguished from the rest by a lack of granules, and they have a key role in the immune system as they are able to respond to unknown agents. If you wan to know about the normal range of lymphocytes, oneHOWTO can explain more.

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Lymphocytes - A Normal Range

In blood tests, the lymphocyte level can be analysed, with their value will be seen in the CBC section. Its value is calculated per milliliter of blood, the normal range of lymphocytes is between 1300 and 4000 cells / ml. Take a look at the chart below to know the range of lymphocytes which is considered normal for your age group. In this case, all ranges are expressed in both percentages and ALC (absolute Lymphocyte count).

  • 0 to 6 days old: 26 - 36% (2000 - 11000 ALC)
  • 7 to 13 days old : 36 - 46% (2000 - 17000 ALC)
  • 1 to 5 months old: 43 - 53% (2500 - 16500 ALC)
  • 6 to 11 months old: 45 - 75% ( 4000 - 13500 ALC)
  • 1 to 3 years old: 50 -70% ( 3000 - 9000 ALC)
  • 4 to 9 years old: 40 - 60 % (2000 -8000 ALC)
  • 10 to 20 years old: 25 - 45% (1500 - 6500 ALC)
  • Over 20 : 18 - 44 % (1300 - 4000 ALC)

You may also be given a percentage, though these include T-cells, B-cells, and NK cells, this figure should be between 15% and 40% of White Blood Cells.

To know more about the state of the immune system it is a normally wise to measure and analyse the other types of leukocytes and interpret the results in the context of the patient's actual situation.

High lymphocyte counts

Values are high when the number of lymphocytes in blood test is above 4000 per milliliter. The rise in the number of lymphocytes is referred to as lymphocytosis and is indicative of an acute or chronic infectious processes such as mononucleosis, pneumonia, rubella or tuberculosis, ; drug allergies and linphoproliferativ processes such as leukemia.

Young children (from 1 to 4 years old) are considered to have lymphocytosis from when counts are above 9000 per milliliter whereas high counts in children from 5 to 12 years old are considered above 7000 per milliliter.

However, you should not immediately panic. There are many causes of a high lymphocyte count which we explain in our article what a high lymphocyte count means. As you know, this is just a guide, and only a doctor will be able to give you a reliable diagnosis.

What to do with a high lymphocyte count

As we've mentioned, a high lymphocyte count can be due to many circumstances and is probably the irrefutable sign of an underlying condition. Therefore, treatment to increase your lymphocyte count will depend on what you are diagnosed with. You'll find all the treatments according to the source of the problem in our article on how to treat lymphocytosis.

However, there are certain habits that can help you lower high lymphocytes, such as avoiding sugary foods, increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids and improving your vitamin C and D intake. Moderate exercise is also recommended.

Low lymphocyte counts

This is called lymphopenia, when the number of lymphocytes is below 1300 / ml. Lymphopenia is commonly detected in individuals whose immune system is subjected to immuno suppressive treatments such as Chemotherapy. You can take a look at what happens if your lymphocytes count is low for more information.

It can also be presented in people with lupus,chronic uremia, AIDS, aplasticanemia, tuberculosis or Hodgkin's disease. However, low lymphocyte levels are also common during pregnancy, in which case, there is no need to worry.

What to do with a low lymphocyte count

On the other hand, as lymphopenia is usually caused by a weakened immune system, you'll need to work on boosting it. In this case, having a balanced diet based on mostly fruit and veg, complex carbohydrates and only healthy fats is primary. Increase your zinc (Maple syrup, Wattleseed, flaxseed, pumpkin seed ...), beta-carotene and keep as hydrated as you can, as well as lowering your stress levels significantly and doing regular exercise.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • Having a high lymphocyte count is usually no surprise, as this is normally the consequence of having a certain illness.
  • When reading your blood test results, it's much more important to read the absolute number of lymphocytes rather than the percentage, as this will give you a more accurate idea of whether your lymphocyte range is normal.

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Chris Ignadiou
My wife's Dr told her that her platelet dropped from 50 to 20 and told her not to take aspirin or any blood thinners also if she is bleeding to go to the emergency right away.
What do you suggest to increase her platelet and what else do you suggest in this situation?
thank you
I had undergone a recent cbc test. My Differential lymphocyte Count was relatively high as 46.8%(20-40% normal) whereas Absolute Lymphocyte Count is 2.43 thou/mm3 which is normal. Is there something to be concerned with?
anindita roy
My 8 year girl lymphocytes level is 44%it is semtom of leukimia
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Anindita,

The normal lymphocyte count for 4 to 9 year old children is 40% to 60%, so she appears to be in that range. Even if the lymphocyte count was higher, it could mean she was fighting any sort of infection, leukemia not being particularly likely. However, we are not able to give any sort of diagnosis, so if you are unsure and think she has some symptoms of a disease, take her to a doctor if you need some reassurance.
Robin Bennett
Is this high lymphs absolute 3.4
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Robin,

We're not sure about your reading of 3.4, could you please clarify and we can try to answer better?
I am 35 old age 46% lymphocytes in my blood it is write or no pls send me msg.
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Mahavir,

We cannot diagnose an illness in these messages. While 46% could be a sign of a problem, it may also be a temporary anomaly. Only an examination by a qualified doctor will be able to determine an adequate diagnosis.
my wbc count is 7800cells/cumm. neutrophills 46% and lymphocytes 50%. i am 58 years old . what does this values means?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Sanjay,

According to the normal range of lymphocytes this may be a little high. However, we cannot provide you a diagnosis as this article is for information purposes only. If you are concerned, you should ask a doctor for an examination and only they can make an accurate diagnosis.
Hi, my husband's lymphocyte blood result shows 3.8 (flagged as high) with reference 1.0-3.5. All other differentials and hematology results show normal. Can you please tell us if this is cause for concern? Thanks so much in advance. I am a little confused with the percentage I read on your site vs. what shows on our paper ( no percentages mentioned).
James Whelander
My lymphocyte count was 16.8 6 months ago and is now down to 11.5. Is this very low?I am 88 and recently had a bad and recurrent case of C-Diff. It has relented now, after a Vancomycin taper, but it damaged by kidneys. What can i do to increase their count and avoid future infections?
My recent CBC came back with every single thing inside the reference ranges except for the Absolute Lymphocytes, which was flagged out of range at 675 L. The Lymphocyte percentage was 13.5. My doctor didn't mention anything about this and she said I passed my physical after feeling around the glands and lymph nodes, and called me healthy at age 67. However, I am concerned about this lymphocyte count and am silently panicking. How can I fix this?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Sherry,

If you think your doctor has missed something, then the only course of action is to speak to them again or even call their surgery to double check. We cannot give medical diagnosis and this article is for informative purposes only. Hopefully they did take it into consideration and called you healthy because you are, but always best to double check.
Susan Smith
My lymphocyte count is regularly below range ie 0.99 x 10 9/L range is (1.00 - 4.00). What should I be asking my GP about this? Many thanks Susan Smith

What Is The Normal Range Of Lymphocyte Count
What Is The Normal Range Of Lymphocyte Count

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