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What are the Properties of Maple Syrup

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
What are the Properties of Maple Syrup

Sourced from the maple forests of Canada, maple syrup is a wonderful product that offers a wealth of health benefits. The sap of maple tree is used to make syrup or maple syrup, a nutritional supplement that is increasingly common in our daily lives. Its high vitamin value and its high content of minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium or magnesium make it ideal to complement a healthy, balanced diet. We at OneHowTo are committed to healthy food that is beneficial for our body, we have therefore listed the properties of maple syrup. Discover how you can improve your health if you include this rich and sweet syrup in your diet.

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Maple syrup is a product extracted from the sap of maple trees, found predominantly in the north of the US and Canada. The technique used to prepare this syrup involves the combination of three types of sap, classified by suppliers as A, B and C to represent the different crops. Recent harvests are those with more beneficial properties.

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Maple syrup is generally characterised by its high vitamin and nutritional power. Its composition is based on glucose, fructose and sucrose, which gives it its sweet flavour. This also makes it a lower calorie sweetener option. Also, syrup has many vitamins (A, B, B1, B2, B5, B6...).


The basic properties of maple syrup are found in its composition. As we said, it is rich in vitamins but also minerals. They help our bodies, protecting and giving it health. Included in this list of minerals is potassium. This helps maintain the integrity of our cells, while stabilising and balancing the heart and heartbeat.

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Furthermore, maple syrup contains a large amount of calcium. While this is a mineral found in our bodies in large quantities, it is essential that we contribute through diet to maintain a good level of calcium. Maple syrup is so beneficial to the body as it regulates the levels of this mineral, preventing bones and muscle degeneration and deterioration over time.

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Another great property of maple syrup is its content of magnesium, a mineral needed to maintain normal and natural functioning of muscles, nerves and other tissues. Maple syrup will provide you with the necessary amounts of magnesium to create proteins to release energy. Also, magnesium is essential for carrying out various metabolic and biochemical processes in our body because it stimulates the proper functioning of different enzymes.


Furthermore, maple syrup has multiple active antioxidants such as zinc. This acts as an antioxidant and will help keep cells young and maintain a good immune system.

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Consuming maple syrup - much like honey in texture, colour and flavour - provides health benefits to our body, and actively supports all the functions of our body. Preventing diseases, eating a healthy and balanced diet, enjoying a good low-calorie sweetener and even losing weight can be achieved with maple syrup. Try it for yourself!

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What are the Properties of Maple Syrup