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How to exercise with a Hernia

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to exercise with a Hernia

Exercising if you have a hernia will require the prior approval of your doctor, who knows the status of your condition best. Sometimes, it can be beneficial since, by strengthening the muscles, you will reduce the possibility of the hernia recurring. In general, swimming is the most appropriate sport, but it all depends on your personal circumstances and the type of hernia you are suffering from. At, we will help you answer the question: how to exercise if I have a hernia.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, exercising if you have a hernia can be very dangerous and complicate your condition; so, before beginning to exercise, you must tell your doctor your intention to start doing sport so that they can give you permission to do so and advise you on the most appropriate activity depending on the hernia you have.

How to exercise with a Hernia - Step 1

In the event that you have a slipped disc, it is best to do aquatic exercise, so that the column does not have to bear the full weight of your body while doing sport. Therefore, it is best to swim at an easy pace and, we insist, always consult your doctor, who is the one who knows at what stage your illness is and if it is not harmful to exercise. In any case, you should always avoid high-impact sports like basketball, jumping, running or tennis.

How to exercise with a Hernia - Step 2

The most common type of hernia is the inguinal, i.e., that which is suffered in the groin. In this case, to exercise with an inguinal or abdominal hernia, you'll have to see how your body responds and in any case avoid activities such as crunches or squats - doing these puts too much pressure on the area. In this case, and provided you do not feel pain, it is best to go swimming or do another water sport.

How to exercise with a Hernia - Step 3

If you have already been operated on for your hernia, and want to start doing sport, do it gradually both in terms of the rhythm and the number of sets you do and the time you spend doing it daily, and always with the approval of your doctor. Listen carefully to your body, stopping the exercise whenever you feel pain because, otherwise, you run the risk of your pain becoming chronic.

How to exercise with a Hernia - Step 4

To recover from a hernia operation, it is also best to start with swimming, so you can strengthen your muscles without having to exert direct pressure on the area. Be patient and respect the times that your doctor indicates to start exercising with a hernia after having surgery.


To exercise with a hernia, doing warm-ups beforehand becomes much more essential than in normal conditions. The warm-up is nothing more than the process that allows your body to reach the ideal temperature for doing sport, minimising the risk of injury. When you exercise with a hernia, always bear this first step in mind.

How to exercise with a Hernia - Step 6

Working elasticity is a good way of preventing hernias and from them recurring after you've recovered. Focus on those located in the area where you've suffered your hernia. Start by stretching carefully in the morning and walk for a few minutes every day too. If you live near the coste, go to walk barefoot on the sand, this will help mitigate the pressure.

How to exercise with a Hernia - Step 7

Always bear in mind the indications of your doctor for exercising with a hernia, as the tendency for it to become chronic is very high in this type of condition.

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How to exercise with a Hernia