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How to do Mindfulness Meditation

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to do Mindfulness Meditation

Our mind often becomes sad by remembering our past mistakes and tries to become happy by thinking about the things we will achieve in the future. In this transition between past to future or future to past, we often forget our present. We forget that happiness exists in every moment in which we live. Mindfulness makes us aware of our present. Mindfulness helps us in renewing that energy which helps us in recognizing the happiness that is present in our daily life. It makes us aware that we don’t have to wait for years and for our future to unfold so that we can seek happiness. Rather happiness is present in every moment of our day to day.

Mindful Meditation is a very simple technique which helps us feel good in our body and mind. As we breathe in we become aware of our self and we touch the miracle of being alive again. The main thing about Mindfulness meditation is that it should be enjoyed. Instead of thinking about it as a chore it should be treated as a source of happiness. In this article we will know about how to do Mindfulness Meditation.

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  1. Place and Posture
  2. Mindful Breathing
  3. Concentration
  4. Become Aware of your Body
  5. Release the Tension

Place and Posture

The ideal place for Mindfulness meditation should be in a place which is neither too dark nor too bright. Choose a place at home where you feel the most energetic. Or you can choose a quiet place outside your home in the lap of nature.

Choose a posture which suits you the best. Usually sitting comfortably on the floor or mat is considered the best. Close your eyes and relax yourself.

Mindful Breathing

At first, sit comfortably and focus on your breathing. Feel how you breathe in i.e. Inhale and breathe out i.e. Exhale. Remember that you are breathing because you are alive. Feel the joy of being alive. Don’t force the breath to be short or long. Just let your breath flow naturally.

How to do Mindfulness Meditation - Mindful Breathing


Concentrate on the breathing. Breathe in for 3 to 4 seconds and follow the air passing in your lungs through the nose. Then as you breathe out concentrate on the air that is exhaled from your lungs via the nose. Become the breath that you take in and the breath that you exhale. Slowly your breathing will become slow and deep. It will become more peaceful and harmonious. Let it happen naturally.

Become Aware of your Body

Become aware of your body with each breath. Feel each part of your body. Feel each cell of the body. With each breath you take become aware and say in your mind that “Breathing in, I am aware of my body. Breathing out, I am aware of my body”. Connect the body with your mind. Feel alive in your body and you will be reveling in the wonders of life.

Release the Tension

When you become aware of your body, release the tension. Feel all the blocks that are present in your mind and body. Then with each, exhale releasing the blocks of tension one by one. Once all the blocks are released from your body, feel the lightness in your body and mind.

When the lightness courses through your body, feel the happiness from within your soul. Then enveloping yourself in the positivity slowly open your eyes and feel the happiness.

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How to do Mindfulness Meditation