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How to Use a Tampon if You Are a Virgin

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Use a Tampon if You Are a Virgin

Many young girls wonder how to use a tampon if you are a virgin. Tampons are products that are used to absorb menstrual blood flow, before the blood exits the body. They are shaped like a cylinder for easy insertion into the vaginal entrance and once inside they expand to fit the shape of your body. There are different sizes and absorbencies according to the amount of blood or menstrual flow you have. In the tampon boxes there are detailed explanation on how to insert them but next up we will explain how to use a tampon if you are a virgin. You will see how easy it is.

You'll need:

  • Tampons
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Steps to follow:


It is normal that the first time you use a tampon you will be a little nervous, especially if you are a virgin. First of all, you should know that any girl can use a tampon, including virgin girls. The tampon may stretch the hymen a bit, but you won't loose your virginity with a tampon. That's important to know.

The, you should relax because that will make the insertion easier. When you are nervous and tense the muscles, that can hinder the action of inserting a tampon if you are a virgin.


What type of tampon to buy if you are a virgin? The same tampon as anyone else. The only thing we suggest is to purchase one with an applicator, round shaped on the point would be great if you want to nail how to use a tampon if you are virgin.

First read the instructions of your tampon, and then leave them somewhere where you can see them so to have both hands free.


Wash your hands and find a comfortable position: sitting on the toilet, knees open, tilted slightly with your knees bent and separated or standing and placing one foot on the toilet. Those are good positions that will make it much easier to insert a tampon if you are a virgin.


Remove the tampon wrapper and look for the circular marks at the end of the applicator or outer tube. Hold the tampon with the fingers you use to write (index and thumb). The cord has to hang from the inner tube (it is smaller and within the larger outer tube).


With the other hand, open the labia (the folds around the entrance of your vagina) and place the rounded tip of the applicator into the entrance of your vagina, aiming it at your back. Remember that the vagina extends back toward your spine (not up). See picture 1.


Gently push the tampon towards the entrance and stop when your fingers touch your body and the outer tube is completely within your vagina. See picture 2. Do not worry, it will be OK to use a tampon if you are a virgin, and if you keep calm and relaxed, it won't hurt.


When the outer tube is inside you, with your index finger you have to push the inner tube (from which the thread hangs). See picture 3.


When the inner tube is also within your body, use your thumb to pull the outer tube out. You have to make sure that the thread is hanging out of your body, so later you can remove the tampon by pulling it out.

So, the key to how to use a tampon if you are a virgin is to know exactly what you need to do, and to keep calm.

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  • To get the tampon out you need to relax and slightly bend your knees with your legs open. Then pull the cord outwards, following the same direction as when you entered the tampon. The tampon can be thrown in the toilet or in a bin.
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Should it hurt?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Sallee,

If you are a virgin with an unbroken hymen, then it can be uncomfortable, but in general it shouldn't hurt. Take your time, be gentle and be careful and you should be fine. If there is a stinging pain or it is very sensitive, then you should speak to someone you trust as there may be an issue, but this is unlikely.
How to Use a Tampon if You Are a Virgin