How Often Should I Change my Tampon

By Max. D Gray. Updated: February 25, 2021
How Often Should I Change my Tampon

Tampons have become one of the most common accessories during menstruation, offering effective protection and ensuring maximum comfort. However, when introduced into the inside of the vagina, knowing how often to change this little helper is essential to prevent infection and discomfort in your lady garden. If you wonder how often you should change your tampon, don't worry because will explain everything in detail.

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How often should I change my tampon?

The recommendation on how often to change your tampon is very similar to that of pads or sanitary pads. The recommendation is to not spend over 4 hours with the same tampon inside you, even if the flow is low and you are using a maximum absorption tampon. It can take up to 6 hours before you feel the need to change your tampon.

Remember that it is also very important to care in your intimate hygiene these days to feel comfortable and at ease with your body.

Choosing the type of tampon

Now it has become clear how often to change your tampon, it is important to know how to choose the right ones for all your needs. On the market there are different tampon types according to the amount of flow you confront every month. Normally there are ones for low flow, to regulate flow and ones to deal with a heavy flow. It is customary throughout your menstrual period to use two different types of tampon, because usually the first day is the bloodiest.

Note that if you use a tampon and the little rope quickly gets drenched (before a two hour period), pick a product of increased absorption. If it takes a long time to get dirty chances are you're using a tampon with too much absorption, so try and always use the lowest absorption tampon and change if you see you need a higher absorbing one.

How Often Should I Change my Tampon - Choosing the type of tampon

Is it good to keep tampons in there whilst you sleep?

Gynecologists agree that we should not use the same tampon for more than 8 hours. Therefore if you sleep for 8 hours or more, it is best to use a sanitary towel or a napkin for night-time spills to avoid and prevent vaginal infections and discomfort. However, if you only have tampons, make sure you introduce a new tampon right before bedtime and change it right after you wake up.

For those who sleep for less time, the recommendation is to place tampon in your body at night just before going to sleep. Wake up and remove it. This way you guarantee your intimate health.

How Often Should I Change my Tampon - Is it good to keep tampons in there whilst you sleep?

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How Often Should I Change my Tampon
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How Often Should I Change my Tampon

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