How to Prevent Bartholin Cyst from Recurring

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Prevent Bartholin Cyst from Recurring

Bartholin glands are situated on both sides of the vagina under the skin. These are responsible for secreting fluid and lubricating the vagina when stimulated. In this way, it aids in reducing friction and easing sexual intercourse. Sometimes, obstruction takes place in these glands, due to which the fluids go back into the glands. This usually results in a painless swelling in the area called Bartholin’s cyst. The treatment of a Bartholin's cyst depends on how big the cyst is, is it painful or not, and whether it is infected. Once treated, there are chances of recurring too. So, in this article, we are going to discuss about how to prevent bartholin cyst from recurring.

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Insertion of a balloon catheter

This is a special procedure to drain fluids from a cyst and allows Bartholin Cyst from recurring. It is an outpatient process in which a balloon catheter is inserted to create a passage so that any fluids building up in the future can be drained away. A balloon catheter is a plastic tube with a tiny balloon on an end. Once new cells grow around the catheter and the wound heals, the catheter is removed and a permanent passage is left behind.


This is a special surgical procedure to treat a cyst that keeps coming back. First, a cut is used to open the cyst, and then the fluids are drained out. Then a tiny kangaroo pouch is created using skin stitches to allow any more fluids to drain out. The surgery takes around 10-15 minutes under local or general anesthesia. Healing may take around 2 weeks, during which you should not have sex.

Removal of the Bartholin’s gland

If other treatment processes have failed and the cyst keeps coming back, then your physician may decide to remove your Bartholin’s gland with a surgery. This surgery takes around one hour and it is done under general anesthesia. You may also need to be hospitalized for 2-3 days after the surgery.

How to Prevent Bartholin Cyst from Recurring - Removal of the Bartholin’s gland

Silver nitrate procedure

Silver nitrate is commonly used in medicines to stop bleeding by burning blood vessels. In case of Bartholin cyst, a cut is given in the cyst’s wall and the fluids are drained out. Then they insert a silver nitrate stick in the area, after which the cyst cavity turns into a tiny, solid lump. Within 2-3 days, the stick as well as the lump falls out automatically.

CO2 laser

CO2 laser is used to open the skin around your vulva and drain the cyst. Then, the cyst is removed and laser is destroyed. In some cases, the laser is left in the area to allow drainage of the remaining fluids.

Aspiration through needle

A syringe or needle can be used to drain fluids from the cyst. This procedure is commonly combined with alcohol serotherapy, in which they fill 70% alcohol liquid in the cavity and then drain out after 5 minutes. Once you have been treated for your Bartholin’s cyst, you should avoid having sex or using tampons for 4 weeks, and take bath additives to feel relieved.

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How to Prevent Bartholin Cyst from Recurring
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How to Prevent Bartholin Cyst from Recurring

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