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How to Cook Without Oil Or Butter

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Cook Without Oil Or Butter

Oil and butter are ingredients that we use (and abuse) when preparing our meals. Although the healthiest oils, like olive oil, are considered healthy fats, they become unhealthy when cooked. You should know that you can cook without oil and enjoy lighter meals with less fat. The trick is to switch the oil for healthier seasoning and which also provide a delicious flavour to your dishes. In OneHowTo we give you the keys so you know how to cook without oil and so you can still enjoy food without excess fat.


  1. Replace oil
  2. What you need to cook without oil or butter
  3. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Replace oil

There are different ingredients that can work perfectly so we can stop using oil in the kitchen. They are natural, low fat products and provide a different and delicious flavour to recipes.

  • Lemon juice: Instead of cooking with oil, you can use lemon juice to add a rich flavour to your recipes without these sticking. For example, if you want to make a grilled fish, spread your pan with a little lemon juice and you will cook your dish in complete comfort; the same is the case with meat. In addition, lemon has vitamin C which helps detoxify the organism and works seamlessly for the care of your body.
  • Water seasoned with spices: Another alternative to oil in the kitchen is water; you can cook a dish throwing a splash of water and, to intensify the flavour, add spices such as thyme, curry or basil, for example. Thus, your recipes have a unique fat free flavour.
  • Cooking in the oven: One of the best ways to cook without oil is to cook your dishes in the oven; if you use suitable oven bags you can cook your recipes without a drop of oil. If you fear that the meat or fish will go dry you can add a little vegetable broth as this will give it more softness and enhance its flavour.
  • Steaming: This cooking technique is also perfect to stop using oil in meals. If you think this way of cooking is bland and has almost no flavour, you can do the same as with the oven and add spices that will enhance the taste and create a healthy and fat-free dish.
How to Cook Without Oil Or Butter - Replace oil

What you need to cook without oil or butter

As we have already mentioned, besides oil substitutes there are cooking techniques which are ideal to make your dishes tasty without a drop of oil. If you want to start having a healthy diet and stop using oil, you should know that there are some essentials that you need to have in the kitchen:

  • Teflon pans or ceramic: Oil makes the surface of the pans slide better and the food does not stick. if we choose to cook without oil it is important that the tools we use are non-stick to ensure the food cooks well without it sticking.
  • Steaming pans: If you opt for this cooking technique you must have suitable pans and utensils in your kitchen.
  • Cooking bags for the oven: Cooking with these bags makes the food cook in its own juices and it is not necessary to use any oil.
  • Wok: If you like vegetables, a wok is an essential tool to cook without using oil and enjoy the flavour of these ingredients. With this tool you can cook them perfectly without using any seasoning, simply adding if you wish a pinch of salt after cooking. Learn how to cook vegetables in a wok here.
  • Spices: To ensure that the food does not remain bland it is important to have a wide variety of spices that you like in your pantry so you can make basil chicken or fish with herbs without any oil.
  • Lemon: it is vital to stop using oil, have lemons around. For salads, for cooking on the grill or to give a different touch to your dishes, lemons are essential and without any fat.
How to Cook Without Oil Or Butter - What you need to cook without oil or butter

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

In addition to stop using oil, it is important that you follow a healthy lifestyle on daily basis that will result in you having a healthy body. For example, you should avoid eating foods made with refined white flour because they have extremely high sugars content and few nutrients. It is therefore advisable to change to whole grains and, thus, consume more nutrients and fibre. So put aside white bread and pastries and switch to whole grains, your body will thank you. Learn more about healthy foods here.

It is also important that at dinner, you keep in mind what foods to eat in the evening as it is in this meal that we tend to accumulate more fat by ingesting more calories than our body needs (as within a few hours we go to sleep). At this time of day is best to eat protein and vegetables and set aside fruits and carbohydrates.

Doing exercise is also essential if you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We are not saying that you have to break yourself daily at the gym but it is important that, at least 3 times a day you do 45 minutes of sport. This way you will burn energy, keep your body toned and stimulate the function of vital organs.

If you want to stay healthy and still eat delicious food, check our alternatives to deep frying.

How to Cook Without Oil Or Butter - Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • If you're cooking high-protein food, the best way to avoid it sticking to the pan is to use a non-stick pan with soy sauce.
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How to Cook Without Oil Or Butter