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Home Remedies to Remove Tartar from Your Teeth

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Home Remedies to Remove Tartar from Your Teeth

Oral health is an issue that has been gaining importance over the years. Acquiring a good habit in relation to oral hygiene is essential to avoid possible conditions where tartar begins to reign supreme in your mouth. The accumulation of bacteria in your mouth causes the formation of dental plaque, harming the health of your mouth and exposing you to a greater risk of problems, which can go as far as tooth loss. On OneHowTo we explain the best home remedies to remove tartar from your teeth.

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Steps to follow:


The accumulation of bacteria through the food and drink we consume daily is primarily responsible for forming nasty plaque in our mouths. However, good oral hygiene is possible by brushing teeth daily and by visiting the dentist once a year. These steps are essential to prevent the formation of plaque, which is responsible for many of the diseases of the mouth as well as tooth decay and other problems.

Plaque is a film of bacteria that builds up on teeth, gums, tongue, crowns and dental fillings. When there are many layers of plaque on your teeth and these are combined with the saliva in your mouth, they can become a yellowish calcified material known as tartar.

The biggest problem with tartar is that once it's formed, it is very difficult to remove, causing gingivitis and even periodontitis, an inflammation of the gums. If left untreated, periodontitis can damage joints and bones that support the teeth, causing them to fall out.

Home Remedies to Remove Tartar from Your Teeth - Step 1

The home remedy to remove tartar on teeth par excellence is with sodium bicarbonate. This substance has excellent antiseptic powers that actively fight bacteria and remove tartar from the teeth. For use, you must mix some baking soda with water and apply it onto your toothbrush. So that tooth enamel may not be damaged, you should limit its use to twice a month.


Another natural remedy to remove tartar is by effectively using activated carbon. In addition to combatting tartar on the teeth, this compound will help to whiten and prevent possible oral diseases. We can obtain it in herbalists or other specific establishments and, despite its blackish appearance which may indicate the contrary feeling that you want to obtain, it is a good way to end tartar. It is vital to be sure that the carbon is of plant origin and that does not come from oil, because if so it would have a toxic effect. To benefit from its effects, we must brush our teeth by applying a little bit of activated carbon for a few minutes. Like baking soda, we must avoid overuse to not damage the enamel.


Rinsing with oil may also be effective as home remedies to remove tartar on the teeth. Specifically, sunflower oil can be used for this purpose, since it eliminates toxins and cleanses your mouth, plus it also helps fight some dental problems.

Home Remedies to Remove Tartar from Your Teeth - Step 4

Lemon juice is another home remedy to remove tartar on teeth that will also whiten them. The drawback is that its acid component can damage the tooth enamel, wearing away the tooth's surface. So frequent use it is not recommended.

Other foods can be used to remove tartar from your teeth:

  • Tomatoes and strawberries. These foods are rich in vitamin C, which is beneficial to prevent tartar. A good way to treat plaque on teeth is to cut in half these foods, passing them over the surface of the teeth and waiting for a few minutes before drinking or chewing some food. In addition, a good way to enhance the effect is to rinse your mouth with sodium bicarbonate after applying these foods on your teeth.
  • Seeds. Specifically, sesame seeds help remove tartar from teeth. To achieve the desired effect, we must introduce a spoonful in your mouth and chew the seeds without swallowing. Once you have chewed the seeds brushing them against your teeth like toothpaste you can spit them.

Some tips to keep in mind can help ward off the scourge and reduce the chances of bacterial plaque forms on your teeth.

  • Avoid foods rich in sugars. Those foods rich in sugars are the most likely to generate tooth problems such as cavities or dental plaque. The problem is not just eating foods that may be harmful, but some of these components are mixed with saliva and damage the tooth enamel, making them more prone to problems like tartar build-up. A good way to contribute in this regard is to incorporate foods that are rich in calcium, like yogurt and milk.
  • Chew raw vegetables. Raw vegetables like carrots stimulate saliva which is beneficial for the secretions that fight bacteria in the mouth.

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Home Remedies to Remove Tartar from Your Teeth - Step 6

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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Home Remedies to Remove Tartar from Your Teeth