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Which nuts are the least fattening

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: August 3, 2017
Which nuts are the least fattening

Nuts are a healthy snack, full of benefits to help kill hunger between meals, while offering our body a much needed fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients. However, it is important to choose and consume these appropriately if we want to consume a fewer calories as possible and maximise the contributions of these foods. So in we explain which nuts are least fattening and how to best to eat them.

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Steps to follow:


It is important to note that although nuts are a healthy alternative to classic snacks that kills hunger between meals, the amount that should be consumed must be moderate, otherwise you will be eating a significant quantity of calories.

Nuts have an excellent supply of fibre that regulates intestinal transit and a high content of fatty acids that are very favourable for the heart, but the latter contribution can also result in unwanted fat when overeating this food. No matter what type of nuts have decided to eat, it is recommended to only have a handful and not exceed this amount daily.


It is also important to choose the nuts in their natural presentations, without frying and without additives such as salt or sugar. This way you make sure you do not add extra calories which you do not need.


And so, which are the least fattening nuts? There are several options if you want to receive all the benefits of these foods without eating too many calories.

Walnuts are amongst the nuts that are less fattening, and these are also an ideal alternative for a rapid digestion which helps us to satisfy our appetite effectively. Its omega 3 content makes walnuts a healthy and beneficial option for our body.

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Almonds are among the most popular and beneficial nuts, like walnuts they provide an important contribution of fatty acids, fibre and iron without the need to eat many. As an option that makes us feel satiated quickly, this is one of the nuts that is less fattening.

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The key to eating nuts which are less fattening is to eat those that make us feel satisfied with a small amount. This is also the case of pistachios, an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that we can include in our diet to reduce hunger by eating something healthy.

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Finally amongst the less fatty nuts are hazelnuts can are also be highlighted as an option for those who prefer to eat something with a sweet but healthy twist.

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Which nuts are the least fattening