What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout

Gout is a metabolic disease in which the body suffers difficulties in processing uric salts, affecting mainly the kidneys and joints and which can make it a painful condition. If you have been diagnosed with gout you will already know that a diet low in uric acid is essential to prevent the disease from getting worse and becoming painful, so if you're asking yourself: what foods can I eat if you have gout? OneHowTo gives you a list and also which to avoid.

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If you suffer from gout you must be very aware of your consumption of animal protein:

  • Beef and pork must be reduced in the extreme, as these promote the production of uric acid as is the case with seafood, so limit your intake to just a few times a week
  • Sausages and pates are not suitable for an everyday diet so do not abuse them
  • Eggs are recommended but you must not exceed the amount of four eggs a week
  • Tofu soy and chickpeas (in light preparations) are great way to get protein without increasing uric acid levels
What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout - Proteins


Dairy products may be included in the diet of those who suffer from gout but it is advisable to opt for the lighter versions such is the case of skimmed milk, yoghurt, cream etc. and always prefer lower fat cheeses.

What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout - Milk

Fruits and vegetables

  • Those suffering from gout should limit consumption of asparagus, lentils, peas, cauliflower and mushrooms for being high in purines which causes uric acid to be generated.
  • Fibre-rich vegetables like spinach and broccoli are recommended as they help to eliminate uric acid from the blood, so do fruits so add these to your daily diet and you will feel much better.
  • There are many that believe tomatoes aren't good for gout. However, there is no direct relation between eating tomato and an increase in the levels of uric acid. Therefore, you can eat this fruit but it is recommendable not to abuse it.
What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout - Fruits and vegetables

Cereals, flour and nuts

  • Nuts are rich in fibre and very favorable for the body but in no way should you abuse these because, remember, they also have an important fat content.
  • Whole grains, rice, wheat and oats are important sources of fibre that offer good contributions to people with gout and so you can add them to your diet.
  • Avoid processed flours and sugars, as well as products that contribute nothing to your body like candy and pastries.
What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout - Cereals, flour and nuts


  • Alcohol is very harmful for people suffering from gout so it is necessary to limit the maximum consumption as it prevents proper removal of uric acid from the body.
  • Take plenty of water and liquids like teas, juices and diuretic foods that will help you stay constantly hydrated and dispose of toxins through the urine.
What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout - Beverages

Medical evaluation

If you have problems with uric acid or suffer from gout it is important to go often for medical check ups and precisely follow the instructions given by your doctor so to lead a life which is relaxed and healthy.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout
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What Foods Can I Eat if I Have Gout

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