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Soft Food Diet Breakfast Ideas

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Soft Food Diet Breakfast Ideas

A soft foods diet is a type of diet based on light and low fat foods that help facilitate recovery after gastrointestinal illness or disease in the digestive organs, such as diarrhea or gastritis. It is also used after tooth extractions or after surgery and is based on eating foods which are easy chew and digest and are free from sugars, spices and acids that irritate the body. This type of diet is usually prescribed by a medical professional and includes liquids, mashed white rice, stewed fruit, bananas and chicken. Next in oneHOWTO we tell you more about this and some soft food diet breakfast ideas.

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  1. What is a soft food diet and what are its benefits
  2. Permitted foods in soft food diet
  3. What to have for breakfast when on a soft food diet

What is a soft food diet and what are its benefits

A soft food diet focuses on the consumption of light foods to facilitate digestion, thus promoting healthy intestinal transit. The soft foods diet was not set out with the intention of weight loss but rather to protect the organs related to the digestive process, such as the intestines and stomach, to recover following gastritis, diarrhea or a similar illness. Because of its benefits in organ recovery doctors recommend a soft food diet after suffering such conditions. In addition, they may also recommend it for the days before and after any surgery.

When on a soft food diet there should be five light meals a day, remembering that the main rule is to eat little in multiple sittings to ease the digestion process in our body.

This diet is a low fat diet and therefore includes fish and white meats. In addition, it is also low in fiber, so legumes and spinach should be avoided. On the other hand, it does not agree with sugary foods or stimulants such as coffee, tea, cocoa or spicy substances such as chili or pepper.

Soft Food Diet Breakfast Ideas - What is a soft food diet and what are its benefits

Permitted foods in soft food diet

Among the foods you can eat on a soft food diet we find the following:

  • Non whole grain cereals and soft bread without crust, sliced bread being the best type.
  • All kinds of fruit except those which are highest in fiber. You should discard fruits such as prunes. However apples and bananas are highly recommended.
  • With regard to vegetables, it is preferable to eat them as a purée and never raw.
  • To drink, only water and teas are advised. Alcohol is completely forbidden as are sugary and carbonated soft drinks.
  • Regarding proteins, these must be white meats such as chicken, turkey and rabbit or white fish. Additionally, you can eat eggs in an omelette.
  • Dairy products are also welcome whether whole, skimmed or semi, lactose free or even vegetable based ones such as soy milk. Yogurt can also be eaten as long as it is plain with no extra sugar. Regarding cheese, fresh white varieties are best.
  • A chicken or fish soup is also suitable for soft foods diet. These can have noodles or boiled rice. In addition, you can also opt for creams or vegetable soups.
  • As for desserts, good ideas are custards and yogurt, especially plain versions without sugar.
Soft Food Diet Breakfast Ideas - Permitted foods in soft food diet

What to have for breakfast when on a soft food diet

Having detailed the list of foods that you can eat when on a soft foods diet, lets see those that are ideal for breakfast:

Firstly, one or two servings of bread with turkey breast is a healthy choice. Of course, being a soft foods diet, the bread should not be whole grain. Alternatively eat some ripe fruit, such as a banana or apple. It is preferable to avoid fruit with too much fiber, and this should be eaten as a compote or cooked. Furthermore, it is also recommended to drink sugar free fruit juices but not citrus juices.

Regarding dairy you can bet on unsweetened plain yogurt and versions with bifidus will act favorably in the body. Furthermore, the fresh white cheese is ideal as it is soft and easily digestible.

Finally, if you need any of these foods to be sweetened just add a spoonful of bee's honey, but never add sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Soft Food Diet Breakfast Ideas - What to have for breakfast when on a soft food diet

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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Soft Food Diet Breakfast Ideas