Period Panties: Bringing an End to Period Taboos

By Marco Menéndez Ortega. Updated: March 10, 2022
Period Panties: Bringing an End to Period Taboos

Some taboos surrounding periods just don't seem to want to go away. From one generation to the next, from one culture to the next, everyone can agree on at least one point: periods are definitely a pain, and yet we don't talk about it. Or perhaps we didn't! As more recently, menstruating people have been normalising the topic as they are finally gaining access to clearer, more scientific information. This revolution has largely been brought about by young start-up companies wishing to make a real difference. Period underwear brands, for instance, not only offer a completely new type of menstrual protection to address our modern needs but open the dialogue in favour of a fairer world.

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Raising Awareness Through Period Underwear

Constant shame and awkwardness; particularly for younger people around a perfectly normal phenomenon, period products filled with endocrine disruptors and terrible for the environment; things had to change. From this unfortunate reality stemmed initiatives aiming to actively reverse a tendency which has become untenable. Wonderful alternatives to disposable period products are now flourishing in the form of period underwear.

Their ambition is to alleviate an often-huge mental workload around periods by offering a non-intrusive solution which preserves both our health and the environment, all while helping us experience our menses completely differently. The concept behind period pants is such a simple one that it shouldn't have taken this much outside-the-box thinking. Period underwear looks every bit like regular lingerie, except for its lining which is absorbent and leakproof, holding up to 12 hours worth of period blood to keep us feeling secure all day (or all night). When your period rolls around, you just put on a different pair of pants and carry on with business as usual. Just as we said: A revolution!

In order to solve all the issues that traditional menstrual products posed, one first had to be able to even talk about them. By speaking up and starting a conversation on a subject that so many tiptoed around, period underwear brands have integrated periods into the mainstream and introduced a whole new way to discuss them.

When Period Pants Go One Step Beyond

Some brands of period underwear choose to make a much deeper commitment. By sparking a conversation around their environmental values, they call the public's attention to an issue that was routinely glossed over up until now. They take this opportunity to normalise talking about periods and turn the matter into a true societal endeavour that we are invited to ponder collectively.

A sustainable supply of materials from EU sources, OEKO-TEX, GOTS-certified fabric, reusable, washable products with a lifespan of over 5 years, made in Europe; all is done to edge ever closer to eco-friendly perfection.

Some period underwear brands, such as Elia Lingerie, even work alongside associations and healthcare professionals to raise awareness around women's health. Among their core values is a fight against a very serious albeit not well-known condition: endometriosis. This is also why their CSR initiatives are exceptionally thorough.

Equality in the context of periods is another aspect of the problem that period underwear brands wish to shed light on. To this end, they join associations in their effort to combat period poverty and to facilitate access to menstrual products in Europe and in the rest of the world. Opting for products manufactured by such period panties brands therefore directly contributes to raising general awareness on issues that have simply been ignored for much too long.

Learning to make discussions around the subject of menstruation more common is the first step towards a future where it will no longer induce any anxiety. For expression will breed solutions, not only to make periods less complicated from a practical perspective, but from a physical and emotional one as well. Rarely taken seriously, and sometimes even ridiculed, premenstrual syndrome, menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding), endometriosis, and other conditions will finally receive the attention they deserve.

Will you start talking about periods and bring an end to the taboo once and for all?

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Period Panties: Bringing an End to Period Taboos
Period Panties: Bringing an End to Period Taboos

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