How to Treat Stockholm Syndrome

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Treat Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome refers to a psychological condition that develops in a person who has been kidnapped or held captive involuntarily. People with Stockholm syndrome show positive feelings towards their kidnapper and may even establish a personal relationship with them. Experts on the subject suggest that it is an unconscious defense mechanism that the victim develops as a form of survival instinct. Stockholm syndrome also refers to situations of domestic abuse and other situations. Here we present how to treat Stockholm syndrome.

Steps to follow:


Treatment. To treat Stockholm syndrome it is important that the person sees a specialist doctor or a psychologist, to develop a strategy that enables them to overcome this situation. Involving health professionals is essential in these cases.

How to Treat Stockholm Syndrome - Step 1

Do not insist. People with Stockholm syndrome fail to see the complexity of the situation. Do not try to convince them of what may happen or try to force them to change their mind. Just talk to them and calmly explain your point of view. You need to avoid pushing them further away from you in order to help them.

How to Treat Stockholm Syndrome - Step 2

Show them affection. Try to show your love and support. You must convey trust so that they do not see you as an enemy.


Try to keep in touch. Often in this situation, the person tends to isolate themselves, so it is important to try to maintain communication. But try not to make them feel overwhelmed.

How to Treat Stockholm Syndrome - Step 4

Keep calm. Often, this situation generates a feeling of helplessness. The important thing is to remain calm to avoid pushing the person away. Staying calm is the greatest help you can give. Be patient, they will listen to you if you convey trust and understanding.


Search for further information on the subject so you're sure what you're dealing with. Often, local health centers offer advice on the issue and may help to resolve this situation.

How to Treat Stockholm Syndrome - Step 6

Listen. If they feel they can trust you, they will talk about their situation. When this happens, you should control your feelings. Don't show you're angry or infuriated if the person with Stockholm syndrome defends or identifies with the abusers. Listen to them, and when you think it's necessary, give your opinion. However, be careful about the way you do it and how you say it, so as to avoid them becoming defensive.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • It is essential they seek treatment from a medical specialist or a psychologist in these cases.
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melanie p
what if the victim marries the pedophile and brings him into a home of 6 children varying in ages 2-15? how do i deal with this . when i feel my grandchildren are in danger? i want to first solidify their safety and then try to help my daughter to get help for this UNHEALTHY marriage alliance. please Help me......
Insomnia mom/Nanna
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Melanie,

If you know of a pedophile and are aware of their actions, you will need to contact the police as it is a very serious criminal matter.
sherry keough
Read the bible, stay with intelligent and informative religious leaders who know what they are talking about. A shrink only gathers info. they are not God. Develope a support group if you can gather enough people of your situation together. Realize that you are alone and this has already happened to someone else at another point in time. If the kidnapper tries to contact you in the future, give them the cold shoulder in every way possible cutting off their strong arm tactics. God is the answer folks, don't kick him out of your society. Pray for the one who kidnapped you., so both you and He can heal. I am not going to say it is easy. The holy spirit heals. Move on in life and just count it as a bad experience, as life has so many. Remember always that people are just people. Some sicker than others.
OneHowTo Editor

While a belief in God/gods can help you manage the traumatic effects of Stockholm syndrome, it is also a serious psychological condition which requires professional psychiatric care to manage the difficult symptoms. Please do not feel like you need to rely on faith alone as the practical and emotional support is so vital for this process.
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How to Treat Stockholm Syndrome