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How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively

Once sciatica is triggered there is no real solution, so it is advisable to seek alternatives which focus on soothing the pain that emerges in response to a condition with no cure. Sciatica is usually caused by a slipped disc and the discomfort that occurs can be so strong that it renders the sufferer disabled.

There are many factors that can inflame the sciatic nerve and unleash the pain; a bad night, poor posture, making a sudden movement or lifting excess weight are all enough to begin to feel pressure in your lower back. Fortunately there are alternatives to alleviate this pain. To know them you just have to continue reading this OneHowTo article on how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation effectively.

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Steps to follow:


Vitamin B is responsible for regulating the nervous system, so it is of great help to deflate the sciatic nerve. However, the results can be seen once the person has had enough time consuming supplements rich in this multivitamin. Consuming foods rich in vitamin B can also be of great help to dis-inflame the sciatic nerve: liver, peas and spinach are rich in this vitamin.

How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively - Step 1

The sciatic nerve stretches from the feet all the way to the end of the back, it is the longest in the entire body. Take a hot shower and let the water run all over your back and legs, this will help relax your muscles. Then apply cold to the sciatic nerve to combat inflammation. The cold has anti-inflammatory properties and thus helps reduce the pressure.

How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively - Step 2

If you prefer to apply the benefits of heat in other ways, you can choose to use a blanket or heating pad. The heat emanating from these products is ideal for relieving sciatic pain quickly and you can make use of these blankets anywhere, even while you are in the office. Place the blanket in the critical area of pain and at after least 20 minutes you should begin to feel relief. Just remember that to combat inflammation it is best to combine heat and cold.

How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively - Step 3

If sciatic pain is so strong that you do not find relief even when lying in your bed, try placing a pillow under your knees so to decrease the pressure that the nerve may be performing against a disk or hernia. For those with sciatica this is the best way to sleep.


The chiropractic massage is ideal to treat sciatic nerve inflammation. The movements carried out by the expert will help the nerve to move and the rubbing stop. It is important to go to an expert to avoid becoming totally disabled because of a bad massage or abuse in the lumbar area.

How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively - Step 5

Another alternative to treat sciatica is acupuncture and this cannot be excluded. Many people have gotten relief from sciatic nerve inflammation through this Chinese method that offers to calm pain and improve the quality of life of the person through the activation of Qi energy. And like the chiropractic massage it should only be done by an expert.

How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively - Step 6

There are exercises that are ideal for treating symptoms of sciatica. Yoga is one of them as this discipline offers stretching and flexibility to the nerves and muscles, helping the person to enjoy better posture and fitness. With constant practice of yoga a decrease in nerve inflammation is evidenced.

How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively - Step 7

Further to these options there are always home remedies for swollen sciatic nerve. These include the use of plant infusions with anti-inflammatory properties such as nettles, cabbage, willow and thyme. However, if you want to cure sciatica during pregnancy you should be very careful as many of these plants can harm the placenta.

How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively - Step 8

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How to Treat Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Effectively