How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia At Home

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia At Home

Anaemia appears in the human body when the haemoglobin levels, a protein that is responsible for transmitting oxygen around the body, are critically low. This alteration can be treated naturally by increasing the intake of essential nutrients, such as iron and vitamin C.

These can be found in various fruits, vegetables and other foods. In this OneHowTo article we will inform you on how to cure anaemia with home remedies whilst also going over the symptoms and the causes of anaemia.

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Let's start by talking about what the dreaded symptoms of anaemia are. All this will help you to see if you are suffering from this horrible condition. Haemoglobin is the protein found in our red blood cells and whose function is to carry oxygen through the cells and organs inside our bodies. When someone is suffering from anaemia, there is a sharp decrease in haemoglobin levels and therefore one of the most characteristic symptoms is that the individual feels tiredness and has bouts of fatigue.

Also, because of this protein alteration, the individual becomes paler because the blood does not flow normally. Similarly, cells do not oxygenate enough and, therefore, the affected individual may experience headaches and / or dizziness.

How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia At Home - Step 1

But, why does anaemia occur? There are different factors that can make a person suffer anaemia and one of the most common is if the person has been bleeding severely, which could be due to an operation but it can also occur when women have menstruation, or when someone has suffered some type of trauma, and so on and so forth. For this reason, it is important to seek medical advice if any symptoms of anaemia are experienced since the doctor can detect what the origin of this worrying condition is.

There are other causes that can cause a person to suffer from anaemia, for example, the lining of the stomach or the intestine may be affected by something, and this directly affects nutrient absorption coming from our food. If we do not take the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body, we may have anaemia and therefore, a balanced diet which is rich in iron is essential to enjoy a healthy life and to control anaemia.

How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia At Home - Step 2

To fight anaemia, the focus is not only on your iron levels but also other foods that will help restore your health. In this sense, one of the best home remedies for anaemia is a fruit and vegetable juice that is full of all the nutrients you need so you can fight this horrid disease.

The juice will increase your intake of iron and get the body to absorb this mineral in full, therefore, add vitamin C because, among its many properties, it helps us absorb iron. The recipe that we have is as follows:

  • 1 beet
  • 1 carrot
  • 6 oranges

To make this juice, the first step is to wash, peel and slice the beets and carrots, then crush them in a blender. Then, squeeze the juice from the oranges and mix everything together. Let the mix cool in the fridge, you'll see how quickly you'll be in good health again!

How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia At Home - Step 3

To naturally treat anaemia, it is essential to pay special attention to your diet and to choose a varied, balanced that is full of foods that are high in nutrients - especially in iron. On OneHowTo you can discover all the iron-rich foods so you know which ones you need eat a.s.a.p.! Here we list the best foods to combat anaemia:

  • The proteins that have to be part of your diet should always be rich in iron and low in saturated fats such as, for example, lean meat, oily fish, seafood, etc.
  • Vegetables such as lentils, peas or beans are loaded with iron, and therefore, are suitable to prevent or cure anaemia. Also try delicious greens like spinach, broccoli or lettuce.
  • Carbohydrates are recommended to relieve anaemia, especially whole wheat products because they are rich in fibre and iron. They also provide large doses of energy to alleviate the fatigue of the condition itself.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C are also ideal for anaemia because, as stated above, this nutrient makes it easier for the internal absorption of iron. Oranges, tangerines, lemons or green vegetables are recommended.
How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia At Home - Step 4

Nettle is the perfect plant to treat anaemia as it provides a large amount of iron when eaten. Iron is found primarily in their leaves, which is why it is advised that a nettle infusion is prepared, so make the most of all its properties.

It is considered one of the best for anaemia because it is able to stimulate the production of red blood cells in the blood thanks to its content in both iron and vitamin C. If you're not much of a tea person, you can add this plant to your recipes as it is simply gorgeous in soups, risottos, etc.

For a full list of foods to eat when you have anemia, check out our related article.

How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia At Home - Step 5

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How To Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia At Home