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How to Stop Coffee Staining Teeth

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: March 5, 2019
How to Stop Coffee Staining Teeth

According to experts, anything that can stain your clothes or hands can also leave marks on your teeth. Such things commonly include, tea, coffee, soda, berries, soy and tomato sauce, white and red wine, berry juices etc. As far as coffee is concerned, it contains polyphenols that have a property to adhere to the enamel of your teeth. Ironically, these polyphenols protect your teeth from acids and give coffee the complex flavors you long for. So, the idea is to limit the amount of polyphenols coming in contact with your teeth enamel. This OneHowTo.com article will tell you how to stop coffee staining teeth.

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Steps to follow:


Drink coffee made with high fat animal milk. Animal milk contains proteins that are successful at binding polyphenols, at least by the time the beverage enters your stomach. The higher fat the milk has, the better binding effect it can provide. You will receive no binding effect if you drink coffee made with soy milk or other such products.

How to Stop Coffee Staining Teeth - Step 1

You can minimize contact of coffee with your teeth by drinking your coffee with a straw. Using straw will reduce the amount of coffee touching your teeth, thus will keep your teeth protected against staining. If drinking a hot beverage with a straw looks silly, you can at least use it when you are alone or when you are enjoying your iced coffee.

How to Stop Coffee Staining Teeth - Step 2

While drinking a cup of coffee, you can keep drinking some water in between each sip. Water is beneficial for your health, and doing this will be helpful in washing away coffee stains from your teeth there and then. As an added bonus, your coffee will last longer and you will take each sip with a fresh taste.


The longer the coffee will sit on your teeth enamel, the more intense its stains will become. So, it is better to always carry a toothpaste and toothbrush in your purse. You can freshen up your teeth after each coffee break. Disposable toothbrushes are available in the market, which have toothpaste in them as well.

How to Stop Coffee Staining Teeth - Step 4

Floss your teeth regularly. If you don’t floss your teeth, plaque builds up in your teeth which will attract stains. So, you will get minimal stains if you reduce plaque by flossing your teeth regularly. Not flossing the teeth will lead to staining of teeth even if you brush them regularly and properly.


Use teeth whitening products. There is a multitude of teeth whitening mouth washes and tooth pastes available in the market. Buy and use these special products if you drink coffee frequently during the day. Sugar-free gums are also available which are specifically designed to treat and prevent teeth staining. Chewing these gums will produce saliva which will be helpful in keeping your mouth moist, clean and fresh.


Bleach teeth from time to time. Avoiding coffee staining on teeth can be done by using OTC or professional teeth bleaching products available out there. You will find these products in varying prices and strengths. The best thing is that you can easily whiten your teeth using these bleaching products at home.

How to Stop Coffee Staining Teeth - Step 7

Get your teeth whitened professionally. Your dentist can give you the best teeth whitening treatment either through a bleaching agent or an in-office treatment. He will choose the best teeth whitener for you, that will give you ultimate color stability and that will last longer too.

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How to Stop Coffee Staining Teeth