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How To Stop A Red Mole From Bleeding

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Stop A Red Mole From Bleeding

The appearance of red moles on the skin can be alarming. Also called as cherry angiomas, these are unsightly, but usually harmless. Basically, these are benign growths on the skin, purplish or red in color. In most cases, these are caused due to capillary accumulation under your skin. These are common occurrences on adults over 30 years of age. Commonly, these moles need no treatment, if left untouched. But if scratched, injured or picked, they can bleed heavily. Here at, let’s talk about red moles, and how to stop a red mole from bleeding.

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  1. What are red moles?
  2. When does red mole bleed?
  3. How to stop the bleeding

What are red moles?

Red moles are nothing but one of the signs of aging. As you age, your skin looses moisture and elasticity, and such skin growths start taking place in different parts of your body. Mostly, moles are black or dark brown in color, and the sight of these red moles can be alarming at first. But they are benign, and most commonly appear on the person’s trunk. They can occur on the skin of any man or woman over the age of 30. These red moles can vary in size, starting from 1/10 of a millimeter to 1 cm in diameter. They can be blood red, deep red, or dark purple in color. Thought they are harmful you can learn How To Remove Red Moles.

How To Stop A Red Mole From Bleeding - What are red moles?

When does red mole bleed?

If a red mole is flat, it is unlikely to get pricked or scratched. But if it has a raised center, it can easily come in contact with other surfaces, and get rubbed and scored. Sometimes, a red mole may start bleeding profusely, and does not stop even after 12 hours. A mole consists of a network of blood vessels, due to which it becomes difficult to control the bleeding once it starts.

How to stop the bleeding

If your red mole has started bleeding, it may not seem to stop any soon. Here are a few ways to stop a red mole from bleeding:

  • Apply pressure on the area using a hand towel. Make sure that the pressure is firm. Hold it for around 15 minutes, allowing the area to clot. Now remove the towel and see if it is still bleeding. If the bleeding has stopped, clean the mole with some cotton dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Now apply an anti-bacterial ointment, and apply a bandage. If possible, change the bandage every 3-4 hours. If it is still bleeding, you will have to get the red mole treated medically.
  • Electrosurgery is a surgical method to treat bleeding red moles. In this method, an electrode is used to touch the area of bleeding, helping the tissue to coagulate and stop bleeding. The process is termed as electrocoagulation.
  • If your red mole bleeds frequently, you can consider getting tissue removal. The process of electrosection can be used to remove the affected tissue with the help of an electrode. In this method, the tissue is removed successfully with almost no damage to the surrounding skin.

Here is a way of Using honey to remove moles too.

How To Stop A Red Mole From Bleeding - How to stop the bleeding

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How To Stop A Red Mole From Bleeding