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How to spot a liar through body language

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to spot a liar through body language

Lies are part of our everyday life. There are "white lies" which generally have a positive intention, and those lies that aim at personal benefit. We have all lied at some point in our lives, for example, when we say to someone they are thinner, when in fact they are not, or when we say that we agree with our manager's decision, when in reality we don't. In a nutshell, sometimes we lie and sometimes our intention is positive. What happens is that while we can tell lies, our body and our expressions do not respond to this process. On the contrary, our body does not know lies. Here we show you some ways to tell if someone is lying to you, i.e to spot a liar.

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Steps to follow:


Verbally expressed emotions do not match the expression of the face and body. When someone tells you they feel sad, but their face and posture indicate otherwise, you might have a liar in front of you. Pay special attention to what the person's face conveys to you and what their body tells you. For example, when you smile naturally all the face muscles will accompany this emotion, and you'll see how there is movement of the cheeks, jaw and eyes.


Eye contact. According to experts on the subject, it is not true that those who lie look away and have broken speech. On the contrary, liars try to maintain a steady gaze, internally develop the chronology of events and thoroughly explain in detail, event after event. They never look away from you. Usually when we talk, we don't tend to remember all the details or keep our gaze fixed on someone.

How to spot a liar through body language - Step 2

Gestures. There is certain universal body language that indicates that we are faced with a liar, but we do not realise it because they are unconscious things. For example, touching your hair, playing with your fingers, passing your hand over your ear and neck.

How to spot a liar through body language - Step 3

Duration of expressions. The duration of gestures and emotions do not follow normal criteria. The reaction tends to be late, is exaggerated and has an abrupt end. The clearest example is when someone shows sadness at a given situation, is very distressed and then immediately changes their mood as if nothing had happened.

How to spot a liar through body language - Step 4

Explaining details. When someone lies, they usually give detailed justifications, explaining bit by bit what happened and repeating it several times to confirm what they are saying. It may often happen that, faced with simple situations, they feel challenged and start giving you unimportant details. They may even act defensively.

How to spot a liar through body language - Step 5

Monotonous voice. If someone lies to you, they will try to seem as calm as possible, and therefore, will use a monotonous voice. When we talk every day it is very difficult to maintain this tone of voice, since, faced with certain facts, we get excited and show sadness, anger, disappointment, and our tone of voice tends to increase or decrease.


Change the subject. If you change the subject, they will feel relieved and will continue energetically with the new subject. However, if the person is not lying, they will try to go back to the subject to make their position clear.


Rigid body posture. Those who are lying usually try to control their body posture and movements, so they will have quite a rigid body posture and will make few movements with their hands and legs.


Project the lie. It often happens that the person will accuse you of some lie to free themselves from guilt, often projecting what he did on you. Therefore, you should ask them directly if they're lying, because in many cases they cannot tolerate this feeling and end up confessing.


Ask them several questions. Ask things about the past and present in an inverted way. It's most likely that they end up showing inconsistencies in what they are saying and end up making a mistake when recounting the development of events.

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How to spot a liar through body language