How to detect psychological and emotional abuse

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to detect psychological and emotional abuse

Psychological abuse is the conduct of verbal aggression, degradation and contempt, which is carried out continuously and repeatedly. Generally, this type of abuse, is more common in women and children than in men, and can be found in all aspects of life, at work, in your own home and even in school. Unlike physical abuse, this type of abuse does not leave visible marks on the body, but affects the mental health of the person, turning them into a different individual. Here we present, how to detect psychological and emotional abuse.

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Steps to follow:


Insults and shouts. The person performing the psychological abuse often treat the victim dismissively, often underestimates their abilities, and ridicules them. The most serious aspect of this situation is that the victim usually reaches the point where they are convinced that the agressor is right and they take the blame for the situation.


Excessive jealousy. The victim is regarded as an object of possession, which the abuser controls and dominates. They may even get to the point of deciding how they dress for every occasion.


Isolation. The person who exercises the psychological abuse, often limits the contact time between the victim and their family and friends. They often make derogatory comments about their friends and family and even go so far as to insult their loved ones.


Threats. They continually threatens to leave them and even reach physical violence. Often, they carry out acts of violence toward objects to intimidate the victim.


Invasion of privacy. It is common that the abuser psychologically spies on and controls all movements of the victim. They can follow them, check their mail, their mobile phone, among other things.


Emotional and sexual pressure. The abuser often makes the victim feel guilty as a way to attain their goals. Thus, the victim gives into the pressure of having sex, reluctantly, for fear of the consequences.


Economic and work restrictions. The abuser usually controls the household economy, thus avoiding any kind of independence of the victim. At the same time, they continually undermine the working skills of the victim fails so they don't advance in their careers.


Having someone who psychologically abuses you can be exhausting. It can lead to anxiety and stress, and ruin your life. If you have someone that meets this description in your life, we recommend dealing with it with a therapist or with friends and family. Couple's therapy may be one option or you can consider cutting this person out of your life.

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  • If you suffer from psychological abuse attend a support centre, change depends on you.
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How to detect psychological and emotional abuse