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How to Prevent a Bloated, Heavy Stomach

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 15, 2022
How to Prevent a Bloated, Heavy Stomach

Stomach heaviness, or a bloated stomach, is one of the most common complaints of our time. The absence of a balanced diet, eating in excess or too quickly and using too many spices are some of the causes for making us feel bloated and have heartburn, discomfort and gas. Here are some tips from OneHowTo for you to find out how to avoid stomach heaviness and feel much lighter.

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Steps to follow:


If you eat greasy, spicy or heavy dishes daily, or a lot of desserts with refined sugars and alcoholic beverages, it is normal for digestion to be a bit slower because the stomach has trouble processing all that unhealthy food. This is what causes us to feel heavy and bloated after eating.


The first step to avoiding stomach heaviness is controlling the intake of fatty foods like sausages, meats, pates, crisps etc. These not only affect our cholesterol and body weight, but also harm the health of our stomach.


Foods high in refined sugar and alcohol should also be strictly limited to reduce discomfort.


If you know you're going to eat very heavy foods, then you can follow some recommendations to avoid bloating, such as eating slowly and chewing well to aid digestion


Do not eat excessively at every meal, it is much better to eat smaller amounts at lunch and dinner and rather eat healthy snacks in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, like fruit, yogurt, a cup of tea and biscuits that provide fibre, etc.

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Eat a yogurt after your lunch or dinner because this food contains pro-biotics that aid digestion and improve intestinal flora.


You can also use a digestive infusion or fruit salt (Sodium Citrate) which will help alleviate heaviness if there's nothing you can do to avoid consuming greasy fatty foods on occasion.


Remember to continue to watch your diet daily, this will help you feel much better, less bloated and more healthy!

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How to Prevent a Bloated, Heavy Stomach