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How to Hide Gaps in Teeth

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Hide Gaps in Teeth

This is known as diastema and refers to a gap between teeth, especially between the upper incisors. For many people who have gaps in their teeth it's difficult to deal with and they hide their smile until they find a solution. For some, diastema is even viewed as attractive. Whichever may apply, this OneHowTo.com article will explain how to hide gaps in teeth.

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Despite a recent fashion for dental diastema, thanks to famous mouths like Madonna or Vanessa Paradis who show off their gapped teeth quite well, dentists worldwide receive thousands of visits annually to try to correct gaps between incisors and they use several different techniques.


Diastema is common during childhood while teeth are growing and moving. This is because milk teeth and new teeth sizes don't match. However, when your teeth are growing and spreading out in your mouth, it is common for them to 'normalize' until gaps disappear completely.

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If diastema persists, it can be very conspicuous and can affect many teeth at once. One of the handiest techniques is orthodontics. By placing a dental device in the mouth, this can correct the problem. However, your dentist will verify how to correct your particular dental diastema after a clinical examination, depending on the particular pathological condition.

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If orthodontics is the most suitable solution for you, remember that there are very advanced techniques, such as Invisalign® or invisible braces that will correct your teeth without people noticing that you are wearing a dental device.

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When it's a small gap between your teeth, the specialist can offer to change your dental aesthetics with a simple veneer. This is the same material used to seal and fix cavities. After a completely safe procedure in only one session, the dentist will close the space between your teeth through the application of this resin.


In cases with a larger gap, you can also benefit from the use of porcelain veneers. With these thin pieces, the dentist will have fixed your diastema without the need for braces on your teeth. They just need to superimpose a fine enameled plate on each tooth. Before they are attached, you can choose the tone of your smile and have really white teeth if you wish.


Crowns can also help to hide gaps in teeth, especially if it is to correct more damaged teeth. The process simply involves fixing a porcelain cover onto the tooth in question.


Another more aggressive, but equally valid technique, would be to use dental implants if appropriate. In this case, the teeth are replaced by bolts screwed into your gum and covered with a porcelain crown.


Whilst you are worrying about how to hide gapped teeth, you should know that diastema is now fashionable and specialists already have clients who are asking for their teeth to be separated. You see, it's a matter of taste.

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How to Hide Gaps in Teeth