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How to Hide Braces

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Hide Braces

There is no perfect age for braces. Whether you are a kid, teenager or adult, you can get braces. The first feeling that braces evoke in an individual is self consciousness. Although in the end people will love the way your teeth look, it is natural to make an effort to hide them when you are wearing them. If you want to know how to hide braces then keep reading this OneHowTo article.

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  1. Smile with your mouth closed
  2. Divert the focal point
  3. Hidden Braces
  4. Ceramic brace
  5. Aligners

Smile with your mouth closed

One way to hide your braces is to smile with your mouth closed. You don’t always need to laugh or guffaw. So, whenever needed, smile with your mouth closed. Often braces cause your mouth to bulge forward a little. So, before appearing in public, practice your closed mouth smile. Don’t get disheartened if others make fun of your braces as you know that in the end you will have a beautifully aligned set of teeth and a gorgeous smile.

How to Hide Braces - Smile with your mouth closed

Divert the focal point

Braces in teeth, especially metal braces are quite noticeable. But you can make yourself noted for other things too. Get a different haircut, wear some eye makeup or wear a strikingly beautiful set of earrings. These new changes will be noticed and talked about by people near you instead of the boring old braces.

Hidden Braces

Hidden braces are also known as lingual nano braces. They do not require any elastic bands to hold the wire and are placed behind the teeth. So, it is quite invisible as it isn’t visible from the front. So, it gives the same benefit of traditional braces but without being visible.

Ceramic brace

Metal braces have a striking look upon the white background of the teeth. That’s why the braces are extremely noticeable. To hide the striking look of braces you can opt for ceramic braces instead of the metal brace. The ceramic used to make these braces are of the same color as our teeth. Hence, they are invisible to others due to which it is also known as clear braces. Ceramic braces can be held in place with tooth colored wire making it completely invisible.

How to Hide Braces - Ceramic brace


Aligners are custom made retainers which are tight fitting appliances that can be slipped over the teeth. When they are worn continuously, they gradually shift the teeth into proper place. Aligners are changed approximately every two weeks until the teeth are properly aligned. As opposed to braces, aligners are made of clear material and hence they are hardly noticeable. But aligners are more expensive than braces and are used only for minor corrections.

How to Hide Braces - Aligners

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How to Hide Braces