Treating bunions

How To Heal Bunions Naturally

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Heal Bunions Naturally

When talking about bunions, we are referring to "a painful swelling on the first joint of the big toe", which is the Oxford English Dictionary definition. This is one of the most common foot conditions and among the main causes are hereditary factors and wearing too tight shoes, so it is important to know how to choose footwear if you have bunions. Also, people who suffer from this condition, wonder how to remove bunions without surgery and that is why on we explain how to heal bunions naturally.

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Steps to follow:


First, visit a podiatrist or care at the appearance of the first symptoms of a bunion. If you start to feel pain in the side area of the big toe or see a deformity begin to appear, you should visit your podiatrist.


To lessen the pain caused by bunions those who suffer from it have to wear appropriate shoes, which are not too tight and that do not encourage the misalignment of the bone. It is important to know how to choose shoes if you have bunions so as not to worsen the situation. Your big toe should never touch the end of your shoe, as this will prevent it from staying straight. Tight, pointed toe shoes are the worst for bunions, as they push the big toe toward the other toes, enhancing the misalignment.


If you want to heal bunions naturally, you can also use pads that protect the affected toe and prevent the growth of bunions as well as decreasing the pressure on the bone. This type of protection can be found in pharmacies and chiropodists.


You can also wear splints or night correctors for bunions to try to reduce pain and especially avoid the evolution of the bunion, pressing into the joint. You have to gradually align the soft tissues and joints without harming them.

How To Heal Bunions Naturally - Step 4

If the bunion is swollen and red, you can apply ice to the painful area to reduce inflammation. Remember to cover the ice with a cloth so that it is not in direct contact with skin. For more home remedies on relieving bunion pain, we recommend reading our article: Home remedies to relieve bunion pain.

How To Heal Bunions Naturally - Step 5

In cases where the bunion causes a lot of pain or the deformity is excessive, you should resort to surgery to treat bunions. There are a number of surgical procedures to treat a bunion, among which consist in "shaping" the bony prominence, cutting or improving alignment and removing soft tissue which are compressed to restore joint techniques. The medical specialist will decide what type of operation is best in each case based on the size of the deformation, the patient's age, if they have osteoarthritis in the joint, etc.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How To Heal Bunions Naturally