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How to Wear Insoles for Sandals

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. July 12, 2022
How to Wear Insoles for Sandals

Summer style is important to us, but not as important as our health. Some of us have feet issues which require us to wear orthotics. These are medical devices which are used to maintain the structure and/or function of the musculoskeletal system. There are many different types of orthotics, but the most common are insoles. These are inserts which are placed in the bottom of footwear which have various effects. Some of these are prescribed by doctors, but many people buy them of their own accord because they find the support helpful.

When we wear insoles with closed shoes, boots or other types of footwear, they are hidden. Unfortunately, if we wear open footwear such as sandals or other open-toed shoes, they don't always look so stylish. This is why oneHOWTO explains how to wear insoles for sandals.

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  1. Can insoles be worn with sandals?
  2. How to choose sandals to wear insoles
  3. How to put insoles in sandals

Can insoles be worn with sandals?

Although some sandals can easily hide the presence of insoles, many can make them a little difficult to wear. The problem is not only aesthetic. There are practical reasons why insoles can be difficult to wear with sandals. Perhaps the biggest issue is the orthotic slipping out when we walk.

When the warmer weather approaches and you want to wear more airy shoes, it is still important to wear your orthotics. Corrective insoles help support the musculoskeletal system and can prevent serious issues such as back pain. If you have to choose between wearing sandals and wearing orthotics, it is vital you choose the latter. Fortunately, we show you how you can wear insoles with practically any type of sandal.

Before we show you how to wear insoles for sandals, remember that you need to speak to a doctor if you think you need insoles. They will help determine your specific issue and prescribe the right kind of insole for your needs.

How to choose sandals to wear insoles

If you wear insoles, you should ensure you consider this fact when purchasing new sandals. For comfort, safety and efficacy purposes, we need to find shoes into which the insoles can fit. After this consideration is made, we can think about how to wear the sandals without the insole protruding in any way.

When choosing the right sandal or open shoe, we also need to know there are different types of insoles. For example, some are pointed and some only cover the heel. The materials from which they are made also vary, with some being quite hard and others very spongy. Some adhere to the shoe, others are loose. Perhaps the key distinction is between store-bought insoles and customized insoles prescribed by the doctor.

With these factors in mind, we look at what you need to do when wearing insoles with sandals:

Keep the same size

Some people believe that wearing an insole with your shoe means you should wear a size bigger than usual. This is not true. The insole may add a negligible amount of height, but it won't make your sandal bigger to the point you need a larger size. In fact, doing so can negate the benefits you receive from the insole. This is because wearing the wrong-sized shoe can cause many feet problems and even affect your posture.

Sandals with removable insole

Especially if you use orthopedic insoles, sandals with built-in removable insoles are an excellent option. In these cases, the original insole is attached to the sole of the shoe, often by Velcro. This means you can remove it whenever you want and replace the insole when you need to walk comfortably.

The most suitable models

There are endless types of sandals available. You will have to take into account the one that best suits you according to the insole you use. In general, flat or thick-soled sandals allow for almost any type of insole. The adaptation of the insole to high heels can be somewhat more complex. In these cases, the ideal is to opt for gel insoles that only cover the parts of the sole where we exert the most pressure.

Hidden insoles

Another option when choosing sandals to wear with insoles is to opt for a model that allows them to be completely hidden. This happens with sandals designed with an elastic fabric covering. These have an opening at the toe and another at the heel. This way, you can easily insert the insole, but it will be totally invisible when looking at it.

If you are done with your summer wear, why not try looking at our guide to choosing insoles for different types of shoes.

How to Wear Insoles for Sandals - How to choose sandals to wear insoles

How to put insoles in sandals

Although you may not have been able to find suitable sandals with removable insoles, you can still wear insoles for sandals with a little ingenuity. You can adapt any type of open shoe so the insole is not detected at all with the naked eye, or at least as long as no one is looking closely. To wear insoles with sandals, you will need to use one of the following methods:

Double-sided adhesive tape

Using a double-sided adhesive tape is a great little trick to fix the insole to the sandal with excellent results. You will need to bear in mind that this is a temporary method of wearing insoles with sandals. This is because your walking will rub against the tape and it will eventually loose its adhesion. It will still work for a day out, but you may need to check the next time you wear them.

All you have to do is attach the strips to the underside of the adhesive, ensuring they do not stick out the edge. In fact, if you have a large pieced of double-sided adhesive paper, you can even use the insole as a template and cut out the adhesive paper to the same size. Once the adhesive material is on the sole, carefully slide it into the sandal, but do not let it touch the sole. Only when the insole is in position should you set it down and let it stick.


For a more durable way to wear insoles with sandals, you can use Velcro. Cut some wide strips of Velcro, glue one side to the sandal and the other to the insole. Press and now you can wear the sandals you love with your insoles. You may not be able to take the insole out and wear the sandal without removing the velcro completely. This is because its rough surface can make walking very uncomfortable.

If you are wanting to try some other styles out in the summer, take a look at our articles on how to wear a toe ring and how to wear wedge sandals.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How to Wear Insoles for Sandals