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How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze

When you eat or drink something cold, like an ice cold coffee or ice cream, then you may get a mind-numbing headache that starts 20-50 seconds after the trigger, and lasts for around 5 minutes. This type of headache is known as brain freeze, and is medically termed as sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. This pain happens when something cold comes in contact with the roof of your mouth, which causes a surge of blood to suddenly go into your brain. Instead of avoiding your favorite foods or drinks, use these tips on how to get rid of brain freeze.

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Steps to follow:


Press the roof of your mouth with your tongue, which will warm up the area, reduce the blood rush to the brain, and relieve the brain freeze. Keep the tongue in place for 10-15 seconds until the pain goes away. You may also place your thumb on your mouth’s roof, due to which the area will warm up to counteract the brain freeze. Make a mask with your hands to cover your mouth and nose, and breathe quickly to warm up your mouth, and get rid of brain freeze.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze - Step 1

To get rid of brain freeze, drink a warm beverage, such as some warm water or tea. Make sure that it is not too hot to give a serious burn to your mouth. It should be slightly warm, or may be at room temperature. This will heat up your mouth and stop brain freeze.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze - Step 2

Take smaller sips or bites of the cold food or drink, rather than consuming it very fast. It is also better to move the food or drink around inside your mouth before you swallow it, so that your mouth gets adapted to the food temperature, and does not give you a brain freeze.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze - Step 3

Take a brisk walk if you have been hit by a brain freeze. This will allow more blood to flow into your brain and other parts of the body, and ease the pain due to brain freeze quickly.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze - Step 4

Giving a nice massage to your temple or back of your neck can be a good way to get rid of brain freeze. If you have pain, you automatically start rubbing that spot to feel better. The same applies to the pain you get with brain freeze too.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze - Step 5

Another way of preventing brain freeze from appearing again while you are eating or drinking something cold is to mix it with a warmer ingredient. Think about adding some syrup to your ice cream or add some drops of lukewarm water or lemon juice to your drink.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze - Step 6

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How To Get Rid Of Brain Freeze