What Are The Causes of Hypothyroidism

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: June 4, 2019
What Are The Causes of Hypothyroidism
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Hypothyroidism is one of the most common abnormalities of the thyroid gland, and occurs when the gland produces less thyroid hormones than is normal. A reduction in these hormones creates an overall reduction of neural , metabolic, digestive and, above all, cardio-circulatory functions.

Do you believe that you display some of the symptoms related to this condition but are unaware of the causes? Read this oneHOWTO article and discover why hypothyroidism occurs.

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Each case is unique and there are many things that can cause the hypothyroidism. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a specialist who can perform the relevant tests and determine cause before prescribing the best treatment. To inform you more about this condition, we'll explain the basic causes for hypothyroidism.


The most common cause is what is known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis. This is an autoimmune disease when the thyroid gland is seen as a foreign body and is therefore attacked by antibodies and destroyed progressively. Generally speaking, Hashimoto's thyroiditis usually affects women over forty years old.


Hypothyroidism can also be congenital. That is, a baby is born with this condition or develops it during the neonatal period shortly after birth. This is because of an incorrect development of the thyroid gland during pregnancy or defective formation of thyroid hormones.

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The postpartum thyroiditis is another of the most common reasons for thyroid hormone deficiency. It does not normally display any symptoms and makes it difficult to diagnosis. Normally, women who develop this condition first suffer from hyperthyroidism which then progresses to hypothyroidism. Normally the thyroid gland recovers its functions after a year or a year and a half after birth.


People who have been exposed to radiation therapy in the neck as a cancer treatment are more likely to have hypothyroidism, and this is one of the most common causes. Likewise, those who have undergone surgery to remove part of the thyroid gland are also at risk of developing hypothyroidism.


Treatment with lithium and anti-thyroid drugs can also lead to hypothyroidism. These drugs paralyse the activity of the thyroid gland and stop thyroid hormones from being created, causing a deficiency and resulting in the condition of hypothyroidism.


Following a zero or low iodine diet can also trigger hypothyroidism. The production of thyroid hormones requires the protein thyroglobulin and iodine. Therefore, including foods rich in iodine in your diet can help prevent this disease, so long as it's in moderation and in consultation with a specialist.

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If you want to know how to treat hypothyroidism with home remedies, take a look at this article. Remember it is always advisable to go to your doctor who can analyse the issue and identify the cause for your hypothyroidism .

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This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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What Are The Causes of Hypothyroidism