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Tips to Use Less Plastic

Alba Charles
By Alba Charles . Updated: January 16, 2017
Tips to Use Less Plastic

We are so used to plastic that it's impossible to imagine living in a world without it. Take a look around you and you'll see how many things come in plastic packages. However, plastic is a very polluting material and every time people are becoming more conscious about the fatal effects it has on the environment. Maybe the actions of a single person won't change the world, but you can contribute to it. At OneHowTo we give you some tips to use less plastic and contribute to a greener planet.

Steps to follow:


Stop using plastic straws. Some plastic straws are recyclable but the majority end up going to waste. If you can't drink without straws don't feel disencouraged, you can purchase a reusable straw.

Tips to Use Less Plastic - Step 1

Avoid buying items that come in plastic packages. In the majority of supermarkets and grocery shops there is a bulk section where you can buy anything you want unpackaged. Instead of buying three bags of pistachios you can buy the quantity you need in bulk and then put it in a container. In this way you're reducing plastic consumption and sending a message to producers, telling them that you prefer to buy food in bulk. You can find many different foods in bulk: cereal, pasta, rice, nuts...


Get a refillable water bottle. Buying small plastic bottles continuously generates a big amount of unnecessary plastic waste. Buy a small refillable bottle and fill it with water from bigger bottles or directly from the tap. Besides reducing plastic you'll also save money.


Bring cloth shopping bags with you. The plastic bags you can purchase in supermarkets and grocery stores are very polluting and dangerous for wildlife. Carry a cloth shopping bag folded on your purse for whenever you need to buy something. There are many different designs, colors and shapes available, so you can have different ones for the different things you have to buy.


Use Mason jars or glass containers to pack your lunch. Your own plastic containers are still a good alternative to buying prepared packaged food at the supermarket, but it will be better if you switch them for glass containers. Take a look at our article on the best healthy Mason jar recipes for Lunch if you need some ideas.

Tips to Use Less Plastic - Step 5

Use a reusable coffee mug. Coffee machines usually have their own cups and plastic lids for you to use. Forget about them! Bring your own mug at work or school to fill it up with coffee or tea from the machine. You'll save incredibly big amounts of plastic. Plus some places might even give you a discount for using your own mug, ask them!


When eating out at work or school, carry your own cuttlery. Single-use plates and cuttlery are detrimental for the environment and generate huge amounts of waste. A simple set of non-plastic knive, fork and spoon will be enough for your packed lunch.

If you must use disposable tableware - at a party for instance - get the compostable kind. There are types of disposable tableware made out of recycled paper and biodegradable plastics.


Make your own cleaning products. You'd be surprised to know how many things can be cleaned at home only using home-products. Washing-up liquid, tile cleaner, window cleaner and many other products come in small quantities packaged in plastic. Baking soda and vinegar are two products that can be found at home and that make up for perfect cleaners. Besides cutting down the plastic you'll be avoiding the toxic chemicals these products often contain.

If you can't entirely stop consuming cleaning products, buy them in big quantities and refill smaller bottles at home.

Tips to Use Less Plastic - Step 8

Bring your own containers at the farmers' market. This way farmers will fill them with fruit and they won't need to give you plastic bags.


Following these tips to use less plastic you'll cut down the consumption and use of plastic and therefore, you'll be contributing to save the planet. Maybe one person alone can't make a difference, but making people aware of how easy it is to reduce plastic is crucial.

Tips to Use Less Plastic - Step 10

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Tips to Use Less Plastic