How To Prevent The Spread of Genital Warts

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Prevent The Spread of Genital Warts

There are over 100 different types of human papillomavirus (HPV) that can cause warts in many areas of the body including the vagina, anus and penis. Many people can go years without knowing they have the virus and spread it to others through sexual contact. Some HPV viruses cause warts and others do not, but you can reduce the risk of spreading the virus to your partner with a few simple steps.

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Steps to follow:

Know your virus. You must learn about HPV and genital warts to understand what it is and how it spreads. Lack of education can mean you transmit the disease unknowingly. Genital warts can be transmitted when there are no visible signs. You can transmit the virus through oral sex and anal sex as well as regular intercourse. The key to stopping the spread of genital warts is education.

How To Prevent The Spread of Genital Warts - Step 1

Tell your partner. As education is important for you, knowing the truth is important for your partner. If you have sex without telling your partner about the disease, you may engage in activities that can infect them with it. While you may think you can keep everything under control, in the heat of the moment you may forget and it is best that both parties know the risk.

How To Prevent The Spread of Genital Warts - Step 2

While it's not 100 percent effective, using condoms, dental dams and other contraceptives that prevent skin to skin contact can limit the spread of genital warts. While it may not be the most romantic and can decrease sensitivity, the spread of a sexually transmitted disease is even less romantic.

How To Prevent The Spread of Genital Warts - Step 3

Abstain from sex during an outbreak. If there are visible signs of genital warts, there is a greater chance of passing it on to your partner than when there isn't an outbreak, according to Most warts disappear after a few months, but you can also ask your doctor to remove them. Even if the warts are removed, it is likely they will grow back in the future.


Tell your partner to get tested regularly. If you have genital warts and often have the same sexual partner, encourage them to get tested regularly. Genital warts are highly contagious and even with precautions there is still a possibility that it will be transmitted.

How To Prevent The Spread of Genital Warts - Step 5

If your partner gets tested, you can reduce the likelihood of transmission to another person. Tests are available for women to diagnose genital warts, but there is no test for men other than visual confirmation. If you suspect that you or your partner has genital warts you or any other STI then you should visit your doctor. We hope this article has helped to educate you about how to prevent the spread of genital warts.

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How To Prevent The Spread of Genital Warts
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How To Prevent The Spread of Genital Warts

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