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How To Know if a Person is Drunk

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Know if a Person is Drunk

Sometimes you might just look at a person and tell that he / she is drunk. But at other time it may be a bit difficult to say if the person is really drunk or not. Through this article you can know the signs of a drunken person. So, let’s find out how to know if a person is Drunk.

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  1. Foul Breath
  2. Lower Inhibition
  3. Loss of motor coordination
  4. Ask the person a question
  5. Vomiting
  6. Eyes
  7. Flushed face
  8. Falling down or bumping

Foul Breath

To know if a person is drunk is pretty easy, you can do so by smelling their breath. A drunk person has intoxicated and foul smelling breath that will remind you of the smell of alcohol in seconds.

How To Know if a Person is Drunk - Foul Breath

Lower Inhibition

A person who is drunk has lower inhibition and often ends up saying something which he / she wouldn’t have said during their sober times. Sometimes a drunk person may bad mouth another person or fight with someone, which they regret later.

Also, a drunk person might tell even his/her hidden feelings in front of another person.

Loss of motor coordination

Ask a person to walk in a straight line. If the person is drunk then be sure that his/her straight line resembles a multi edged polygon. Also the person will be swaying if he/she is intoxicated. The person’s speech is also slurred as they lose control over their motor coordination.

How To Know if a Person is Drunk - Loss of motor coordination

Ask the person a question

If you want to confirm if a person is intoxicated or not, then simply ask how much they have drunk tonight. They would either say that they haven’t drunk at all or give an unimaginable, way - beyond - earthly - reason answer. Their speech and lack of word coordination may also be a clear sign that the person has been drinking.


A simple sign to know if a person is Drunk is notice if he or she is vomiting. Often when a person is intoxicated beyond their limit, he / she will start vomiting.

How To Know if a Person is Drunk - Vomiting


The eyes of an intoxicated person are glassy and blood shot if the person has been drinking for quite some time, this is because the person's body is starting to dehydrate. Look into a person’s eye directly to find out whether they are drunk or not.

How To Know if a Person is Drunk - Eyes

Flushed face

The face of a drunk person is often flushed. Look for a flushed face to understand whether he/she is drunk or not.

Falling down or bumping

If a person is drunk then he / she might lose balance and may sometimes even stumble to the floor. Also the person will continuously bump into chairs and tables while walking.

If you'd like more information on alcoholism, then take a look at the consequences of drinking alcohol.

How To Know if a Person is Drunk - Falling down or bumping

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How To Know if a Person is Drunk