How to Get Over Feeling Lonely

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get Over Feeling Lonely

Although the world seems to be increasingly connected, it is easy to feel completely excluded. If you feel that way, do not worry because you're not the only person who is going through this. To overcome this feeling and cope with loneliness, you must understand yourself, see what the reasons are and make the appropriate changes. In this OneHowTo.com article we will help you by giving you a few tips that will help you get over feeling lonely.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, it is important to keep the mind occupied. You must do things that you enjoy and occupy your time so that the feeling of loneliness is not so strong. When you feel distracted and very productive, hours fly by and you will have no time to ask yourself and obsess with being or feeling lonely. You can enjoy your work, volunteer, find a leisure activity that you think is fun and that involves interacting with more people, etc. You must fight to stop listening to the thoughts that make you feel lonely. Try activities in nature, joining a club or sports team. These are opportunities for you to start feeling better.

How to Get Over Feeling Lonely - Step 1

Another way to start to feel less lonely is to make changes to your environment. Do not stay isolated in the house watching TV or playing games. These attacks of loneliness will only escalate if you lock yourself away. Get out of the house, have a coffee in a cafe as you read or work, go to the cinema, take a walk along the beach or your favorite park.

Sometimes the simple fact of seeing people walking causes negative thoughts to disappear. Your brain provides sufficient stimulants to enjoy the day and life in general. Spending time in nature is always a good idea. Spending time in nature has a positive impact on revitalizing the soul and the spirit.

How to Get Over Feeling Lonely - Step 2

Although it may seem very obvious, you should do things you like and that make you feel great. Doing what you're passionate about can oust feelings of loneliness. Try to remember and think about what you like in life, those activities or hobbies that you've left slip due to lack of time. Devote your life to living in the present moment and fill your time with things that satisfy you and make you happy. You have control over your life and you can change it all. In addition, you should base your existence on finding healthy options. Avoid any radical solutions that will only cover your wounds superficially.

How to Get Over Feeling Lonely - Step 3

You must look around and pay attention to signals from the environment. To overcome loneliness, some people will cling to straws and take every opportunity to avoid being alone. Do not resort to anyone or to bad influences just to avoid being lonely. You'll only put yourself at risk of being taken advantage of. You must surround yourself with loved ones and with people you trust. Good friends will be there for you and support you no matter what. If you go through a bad time, don't just tell everyone how you feel; rather, it is advisable to talk to those you feel comfortable around.

How to Get Over Feeling Lonely - Step 4

You could start looking for people who are similar to you. The Internet is the ideal place to start to open up to the world: there are many resources to have some fun. Try to build relationships with like-minded people. You'll find someone new who will renew your trust in people. Look for any opportunity to socialize and enjoy yourself; it is the best way of preventing feelings of loneliness from creeping in. Do not be afraid get out of your comfort zone, accepting this situation as a fun and invigorating challenge.

How to Get Over Feeling Lonely - Step 5

Reflect and think about other people. There is some connection between loneliness and constantly thinking about yourself. We're not suggesting that you disregard your own emotions; rather, avoid putting your entire focus on yourself. If you start to think of others, your perspective will change and loneliness should begin to subside. The best way to expand this approach is to look for groups of people who you can help. Volunteering can be a great option to get rid of your loneliness. You can even help people who are just like you. There are many social groups in situations of exclusion who may be suffering the consequences of isolation,such as sick, elderly and destitute individuals.


Talk to yourself, express your feelings without fear. A good way to do this is through a journal where you can reflect on everything you feel inside. Look inside of yourself, find the source of your feelings and the source of this loneliness. It may have been a change of home, habits, work, loss of a loved one... Think of why you feel lonely; understanding the source of your feelings will help you take steps in treating it. It could be that you're missing your family and that our friends are not enough to fulfil you. Think about it and you'll find a solution. Also, you should rethink your negative thoughts, think of all this wave of feelings and start develop a positive way of thinking. You should face the negative, work through them and, little by little, your attitude will change.

How to Get Over Feeling Lonely - Step 7

It may sound like a cliché, but thinking positively is the best way to fight the negative. Those negative thoughts that you'll never achieve anything. If you are negative, your perception of the world will be too. With positive emotions, your environment will respond in an equally positive manner. If you expect things to go well, they will usually go well. This theory can be tested. If you think positively before any given situation, you'll feel better at the end of it, even if the outcome wasn't great.

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How to Get Over Feeling Lonely