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How to Feel More Sure of Myself

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. April 3, 2017
How to Feel More Sure of Myself

It's not about having a big ego or exaggerating our virtues, self-esteem is about knowing what our positive qualities are and learning to value them, to respect ourselves and learning to love who we are. This level of acceptance leads to confidence, but must first come from within to project it on the outside. So at OneHowTo.com here are some tips for you to learn how to feel more sure of yourself.

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Steps to follow:


Being sure of yourself is important in all aspects of life: family, work, romance etc. Everyone likes a person who is able to make their own decisions and do things without questioning themselves too much, so it is important to learn to respect and love ourselves


Understand that you're a unique person with strengths and weaknesses. If you feel that there are aspects of your personality that you do not like, work on improving them


Accept your physical appearance as it is and if there are elements that bother you, such as your weight, then make a positive step to change them or learn to live with them. Always feeling bad about yourself will not help you.


Trust your capacity to make decisions for yourself. Believing in yourself is vital to feeling safe and projecting that confidence to the world around you, don't worry about making mistakes, everyone does!


When you are faced with a new life challenge, do not stop to think that you're not good enough to do it, just work hard and give it your all. Do it with all your dedication and passion


The aspects of your life that bother you can be modified but require hard work and a willingness to take on new challenges. You need to make changes in your life in order to have the life you want


Don't worry about voicing your ideas and thoughts, especially at work. Be brave and speak up and be committed to what you say. There is a winner inside all of us, you just need to have the confidence to project yours


Learn the art of being positive and take life with a little more humour, laugh at your mistakes and give importance only to that which warrants it, keep negative thoughts away and concentrate on achieving your goals


After a mistake, learn from it and don't just complain. Confident people are well aware of their past mistakes and know how to avoid them again, so dedicate yourself to analyzing why you failed, learn from it and get over it!


Do activities that increase your confidence, whether it's some kind of sport, hobby or anything that makes you feel good and happy. Emotional stability is one of the keys to self confidence


If you feel you're not going anywhere and your fears are too great then you should visit a specialist to guide you and help you work on your confidence so you can grow as an individual. You are worth that

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How to Feel More Sure of Myself