How to Stop Chronic Halitosis

By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 15, 2022
How to Stop Chronic Halitosis

Have you ever heard of halitosis? This is the result of the metabolism of bacteria and remaining food in the mouth in the form of gases called volatile sulphur compounds (VSC). This gas consists of hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl disulphide and dimethyl sulphide. These substances are always produced in the metabolic processes of bacteria or the normal flora present in the oral cavity. So under normal circumstances, VSC would be found in sores in your mouth. However, this can be a problem when there are increased levels of VSC in the mouth, that is, when there is increased activity of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth that causes the odour of VSC that you can smell. This increase in activity could be caused by low oxygen levels in the oral cavity when the production on saliva decreases. A lowering in the production of saliva can be caused by cavities. Take a look at how to stop chronic halitosis effectively.

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Steps to follow:

Keep your teeth and mouth clean and healthy, brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and at night before bed. Chronic halitosis can be caused by bad hygiene habits, so make sure you brush your teeth after every meal as soon as possible.

Use dental floss to clean plaque, especially between the teeth. By doing this regularly and correctly, you can prevent plaque, tartar, and cavities and stop halitosis.

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Not only do you have to pay attention to your teeth, your tongue is also as important as the rest. Brush your tongue because the surface of the tongue is not flat, allowing food to stick in it. Dirty tongues can cause bad breath.


Gargle with mouthwash containing a good antiseptic for oral health such as fluoride. Rinse your mouth after meals to remove food debris. You can use antiseptic mouthwashes to reduce halitosis, but do not use them very often as they can cause mouth dryness. Or simply rub the surface of the tongue gently to remove accumulated saliva.


Drink plenty of water and avoid drinking coffee, because this could aggravate the situation. Drink plenty of fresh water to prevent saliva build up on the tongue and throat. This will prevent the bacteria from staying in your mouth.


Eat certain foods. Choose natural foods that will help reduce bad breath. Saliva in the mouth, works naturally as a solvent. Limit junk food, fast food and other pre-made foods. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits. The fiber content in foods and liquids can help the process of self-cleaning teeth and prevent damage to teeth.

Using less sweet, sugar-free chewing gum can also help stimulate saliva production, especially for those who have thick saliva.

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If you have cavities, they need to be treated. Treat infected gums and teeth. Immediately treat the gums before you get a serious infection.


In pharmacies you can find many over-the-counter treatments for halitosis and get a fresh breath in no time. Ask about the available mouth sprays and get the one that adapts best to your own needs.


Avoid constipation. One cause of halitosis is a digestive disorder that makes it difficult to defecate. To overcome constipation, eat more fibrous foods, drink more water and exercise regularly.

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How to Stop Chronic Halitosis
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How to Stop Chronic Halitosis

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