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How to Remove a Ring from a Swollen Finger

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Remove a Ring from a Swollen Finger

Getting a ring out from a swollen finger is quite challenging, but you may definitely do that with a little bit of dedication, and perhaps some discomfort too. You may delay removing the ring until the swelling goes down, but if you notice discoloration on your finger, such as bluish, purplish or ashen skin, then it becomes an emergency to remove it as soon as possible. Here at OneHowTo we are going to discuss about how to remove a ring from a swollen finger.

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  1. Lubrication
  2. Dental floss method
  3. Elevation
  4. Dip in cool water
  5. After removing the ring


Lubricating your finger can be an effective method to facilitate removal of the ring. You can use some soap, butter, moisturizing cream, petroleum jelly or cooking oil for the purpose. Apply enough amount of the lubricant on your finger and around the ring, and gently move the ring sideways in a rolling style. You may feel some discomfort during the process, but with a little bit of persistence, it will come off. Do not try to push or tug the ring forward. Lubricating the finger will also reduce the risk of any redness, peeling and additional swelling during the process.

Dental floss method

Removing the ring with the dental floss method needs a little bit of patience and precision. Slide one end of a dental floss under the stuck ring, and wrap the other end of the floss around the swollen finger. Now start unwinding the floss from the bottom end. It will create some pushing cushion for the ring, and it will slowly reach the knuckles. You can use a tape too instead of floss.


Elevating the hand will reduce some swelling and make the finger a little softer. Keep the hand elevated for 5 minutes. You can now lubricate your finger, and there are increased chances that the ring will come off.

How to Remove a Ring from a Swollen Finger - Elevation

Dip in cool water

Have you ever noticed that rings fit loosely during winter months? The same applies to a stuck ring. Keep the hand dipped in cool water for 5-10 minutes. The water should be cold, but not ice cold. You should be comfortable while dipping your hand in water. Now take off your hand, and slide off the ring in rolling style.

After removing the ring

Once the ring has come off from a swollen finger, clean the finger and tend to any injuries, if any. Don’t wear the ring again unless the swelling goes down and the finger comes back to its original size. If everything method fails, get the ring cut with the ring cutter you would find in a jewelry store, fire department or emergency room.

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How to Remove a Ring from a Swollen Finger